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Campaign for Wool

  • HRH The Prince of Wales
  • Wool is a sustainable fabric
  • The Prince launches the Mutton Renaissance
  • The Prince gives a speech about the rainforests

The Prince of Wales launched the Campaign for Wool in January 2010 as an initiative to expand the market for British and Commonwealth wool and promote awareness of its environmental benefits.
On hearing about the low prices British farmers were receiving for their wool, The Prince of Wales convened a group of representatives from the fashion and interior design industries.
His Royal Highness is passionate about natural sustainability and knows that the production of wool involves far lower carbon emissions than man-made fibres. Carpets made from wool also reduce heating costs and provide immeasurable safety benefits than their synthetic counterparts.   Unlike many man-made materials, wool naturally biodegrades at the end of its useful life.
On a freezing cold day in January, The Prince of Wales launched the Campaign in front of a group of fashion, carpeting and insulation industry experts. In his speech, The Prince highlighted the many benefits wool had to offer. Not only is it a sustainable, versatile material which keeps us warm and cool at the same time; buying wool rewards some of the hardworking sheep farmers in the world. 
A firm supporter of sheep farmers, The Prince was interested in seeing how the benefits of this material could be better explained to people so that they appreciated the benefits of choosing a natural product.
As a result, The Campaign for Wool has seen wool growing organisations from the United Kingdom, Australia ,New Zealand and Norway working together to remind the world of wool’s usefulness.
In 2010, the Campaign for Wool staged London Wool Week where fifty-five retailers came together to promote wool. Major British retailers supported the initiative which saw a herd of sheep grazing on a newly turfed over Savile Row.
In 2011, support for Wool Week increased further with famous fashion brands and designers including Dame Vivienne Westwood and Paul Smith lending their names to the woolly cause.
The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall attended the launch of the Wool Modern Exhibition at in London where they joined renowned figures from the fashion and design industries to view the best of wool in carpets, insulation products and fashion pieces. Wool Week is now being recreated in a host of international cities, including Milan, Madrid and Oslo.
His Royal Highness has a long-standing dedication to helping farmers. In 2004, The Prince launched the Mutton Renaissance Campaign, to help support the income of family farms who found they were not able to sell Mutton, which comes from a two-year-old sheep, due to a decrease in demand for the meat.

The Prince also established The Prince’s Countryside Fund in July 2010, which acts as an emergency fund to farmers who fall victim to unexpected difficulties such as Foot and Mouth disease and flooding.

You can watch a video from The Campaign for Wool's 5th Anniversary here:


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