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The Prince's Charities

  • The Prince of Wales in Burnley
  • Inspired by HRH’s values of harmony and sustainability, The Prince’s Charities work to transform lives and build sustainable communities
  • The Prince of Wales in Burnley

For more than 35 years The Prince of Wales has been a leader in identifying charitable need and setting up and driving forward charities to meet it.

From the early days of The Prince’s Trust in the mid-1970s his charitable interests have grown to the point where his charities represent, as a group, the largest multi-cause charitable enterprise in the UK.

The charities are active in a broad range of areas, including the Built Environment, Responsible Business and Enterprise, and Young people and Education.

In addition, The Prince’s Charities reflect HRH’s long-standing concerns relating to global sustainability.

Such is the scale of work that in recent years His Royal Highness has assisted, directly or indirectly, with raising more than £100 million each year to support his charitable activities.

Additionally, significant sums of money are donated to charitable causes from profits generated by sales of ‘Duchy Originals from Waitrose’ and Highgrove Products, and from tours of the Gardens at Highgrove.

While each of his charities is an independent entity with a separate Board of Trustees, they all work together within “The Prince’s Charities” group.

The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation

As well as The Prince's Charities, The Prince also founded The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation in 1979. It is now one of the largest independent foundations in the UK.

The work of the Charitable Foundation is two-fold:

  1. A grant making body that supports a wide range of causes , the primary areas of interest being the built environment, responsible business and enterprise, young people and education, and global sustainability.

  2. An incubator for initiatives and projects that fall within the Charitable Foundation’s primary areas of interest, mentioned above, such as The Prince’s Rainforests Project, Accounting for Sustainability and The Place Strategy.

To find out more about the Charitable Foundation, visit

Prince's Charities Australia supports the Australian charitable work of The Prince of Wales.  
Find out more -

Prince's Charities Canada supports the Canadian charitable work of The Prince of Wales.  
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Responsible Business and Enterprise

The purpose of the Prince's Responsible Business and Enterprise Cluster is to create positive social and economic impact through business engagement, employment, enterprise and culture.

Charity Businesses Business in the Community Scottish Business in the Community In Kind Direct Prime Cymru

Education and Young People

To empower young people, by providing academic, practical and vocational support to have opportunity choices. Supported by inspiration, dignity and opportunity.

Childrens Charities The Royal Drawing School The Prince's Trust The Prince's Teaching Institute The Prince's School of Traditional Arts

The Built Environment

The Prince's Built Environment Charities work with communities to use the heritage of the past to build sustainably for the future.

Building Charities The Prince's Foundation for Building Community The Prince's Regeneration Trust The Great Steward of Scotland's Dumfries House Trust

Global Sustainability

Protecting the environment, promoting healthy communities and building sound economies around the world.

Global Charities University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership (CPSL) The British Asian Trust

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