When the opportunity arose through the school’s relationship with Arts for India, to teach drawing and painting to young students at the International Institute of Fine Art in Modinagar, India, Drawing Year alumnus Emma Seach jumped at the chance.

After completing The Drawing Year, Emma had loved working with The Prince’s Drawing Clubs, who train alumni of the School to teach young artists aged 10-18 at after-school clubs in London.

Children Painting a Mural


This was a helpful starting point for her work in India, but nevertheless, Emma says, “The teaching in the university was a huge learning curve for all of us.

"We had classes of up to 70 students and free range to teach them what we felt was necessary and exciting. This was really inspiring work.

"We worked hard planning lessons together and built great relationships with the students.

"We were all sorry to leave and I am sure all of us would love to go back and do more teaching.

"The experience gave me the confidence to teach drawing to large groups and inspired me to do the same in other countries.

"After the university in Modinagar I travelled to Udiapur where I taught drawing in an alternative education centre. Now I am back in London I have new energy for work here and am happy to stay still and work from all the drawing notes I took in India. My experience of India was one of the most inspiring times and I can’t wait to go back.”

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