As Your Royal Honorary Colonel, I am so very proud to witness the Queen’s Own Yeomanry continuing to uphold its traditions of service and duty whilst meeting the new challenges of an ever-changing world.

We don’t realise enough, I don’t think, how much those creative industries contribute to our whole economy

The idea of pooling the resources of leading academics and industry colleagues to research solutions to some of the most demanding global problems is long overdue, and I am hugely grateful to the ten founding organizations and individuals who have made this possible.

In spite of these persistent and ever-growing risks, it can be all too easy to forget the basic truth that no economy, at the end of the day, can thrive indefinitely without a stable society and a healthy, natural base to sustain it.

We can, of course, never forget the wrongs of the past, which must always inform the choices we make about the future. But they cannot be allowed to limit our horizons or to constrain the opportunity to which future generations aspire.

In coming here today, I can only say that my wife and I are most impressed with what we have seen of the enterprise and activity taking place on both sides of the River Severn.  

It is a matter of the greatest pride that my School brings people together from all over the world and this can be seen in the immense variety of artwork from different traditions that are on display here today

I have always had the greatest admiration for the Ismaili community's emphasis on intellectual and cultural exploration as a means of integration, and your determination to discharge your obligations as citizens of this country while maintaining your own special and distinctive traditions.

Coming to Cork, with its proud history as a great maritime and trading city, gives us an opportunity to celebrate the strength of the economic and commercial relationship between our two countries which makes such a profound difference to us both. 

I know, and coming here for the last four years has confirmed to me, just how important we are to each other, at the end of the day.