Business Connectors are talented individuals seconded from business, trained by Business in the Community and placed in communities of greatest need.

Kay Horne was seconding from Sainsbury’s to work in Tottenham.

Kay Horne


Kay was placed in Tottenham in the weeks after the riots of August 2011. She identified the immediate need to help local businesses affected by the civil unrest to access the High Street Fund.

Kay spent her first weeks on the ground engaging with local business owners resulting in 60 businesses accessing the fund that they would otherwise not have applied for.

This activity gave Kay access to an invaluable network of businesses who she has since worked with to develop projects in Tottenham that address one of the root causes of the social unrest - low attainment and aspiration amongst young people.

To date she has secured £8,000 sponsorship to support a Tottenham Boxing Academy which supports young people at risk of exclusion from mainstream education.

Kay has also formed a coalition of local community groups and secured 30k of funding to protect the future of a chronically underused youth centre - creating long term benefit to the community by supporting both young people and enterprise in Tottenham.

Key Achievements

  • Helped 60 businesses to sign up to the High Street Fund
  • Secured £8k sponsorship from Sainsbury’s for the boxing academy
  • Secured mentoring support from Sainsbury’s to help the boxing academy produce a business plan 
  • Staples supporting the Dandelion project with free flyer distribution 
  • Working with Asda to secure an additional £30K funding to support the Bruce Grove Youth Club

“Events last year showed how people pull together in times of crisis. Our Business Connectors aim to keep that sense of community alive. The results so far are impressive, linking what businesses can offer with what communities need. Kay [has] personally helped distribute over £600k from the High Street Fund to small businesses in Tottenham affected by the riots.” Gwyn Burr, Sainsbury’s Customer Service and Colleague Director

The skills I have learned so far have been invaluable and I can absolutely see the benefit to not only the community and businesses, but to me personally and my employer Sainsbury’s - Kay Horne

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