ClimateWise is the global insurance industry’s leadership group to drive action on climate change risk.

The group was formed in 2007 with the support of The Prince of Wales, and involves representatives from all parts of the industry, including primary insurers (life and non-life), reinsurers, brokers, risk modellers and industry bodies from around the world covering Asia, Europe, North America and Southern Africa.



ClimateWise members commit to action following six principles and are independently reviewed against these annually. The ClimateWise Principles provide a holistic framework for action by insurance companies covering all aspects of their business operations, including their investment strategies, customer engagement, product development and also how they inform public policy.

Members also undertake collaborations to support the Principles where action needs to be taken at the industry or system level. Collaborations may involve insurers, other businesses, policy-makers and academics. ClimateWise Collaborations have covered a range of topics including; clean energy, city resilience, sustainable responses to claims management, low carbon investment and rural resilience.

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