Louise Yates was already an accomplished practising illustrator when she came to The Prince’s Drawing School, writing and illustrating picture books for Jonathan Cape (Random House). She applied to The Drawing Year looking for the opportunity to create work with greater freedom beyond the commercial sphere. She also felt that her work would benefit from honing her observational skills to complement her imaginative work. During The Drawing Year Louise also benefited from meeting like-minded students and tutors.



"I had been working mostly from my imagination for several years, I wanted and needed to draw more from life. I wanted to explore my work in a communal environment as I work alone from home and I was beginning to feel creatively isolated.

"The Prince’s Drawing School brings together and focuses the efforts, abilities and time of a great variety of individuals with its one aim. It has been an intensive source of the activity and common purpose I was looking for."

After completing The Drawing Year Louise went on to win the Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2010 for the Funniest Book for Children Aged Six and Under for her book Dog Loves Books (Jonathan Cape, 2010).

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