Before studying on the Drawing Year postgraduate programme at The Prince’s Drawing School, painter William Wyld studied for his BA in Fine Art at a London art school, where he “felt listless and unchallenged for most of the degree, and virtually stopped painting afterwards.”

Being plunged into the intensive year-long course at The Prince’s Drawing School was a completely new experience: "The faculty and students at the school are the most discerning, intelligent group of people I have worked with, but most importantly there is huge variation among them."

William had more access to tuition than in any other course he had previously studied on, spending up to eight hours a day at least three times a week drawing in the studio, from art, or in the city.

Scottish Highlands


He also attended a weekly forum where students discussed aspects of drawing, followed by a lecture from a visiting artist or critic.

But it was on the Drawing Year trip to the Scottish Highlands, where students spent 10 days drawing and painting in the landscape, that William’s work really came alive: "I make my best work when I am learning or inventing, which is what the constant study of nature forces me to do.

"The School trip to the North Highlands was one of the most exciting and productive seven days of work I have ever done.

"Amazing light, ever-changing weather and vast amounts of dramatic, empty country to explore. I am certain to return there."

William continues to paint from his studio in South London and has been tutoring on The Prince’s Drawing Clubs for young artists aged 10-18 for two years.

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