The Duchess of Cornwall delivers a speech on Domestic Abuse at the WOW Festival 2020

Today, The Duchess of Cornwall attended the Grand Opening Session: Domestic Abuse – Everyone’s Problem of the WOW Festival 2020, in her role as President.

In a speech, Her Royal Highness said:

The campaign to end domestic violence needs the voices of men as well as women, challenging the cultural, economic and political context in which we all experience the world.

“Domestic abuse is #everyonesproblem and the solution must be too.”

Read Her Royal Highness's speech in full here.

Launched in 2010 WOW (Women of the World) Festivals aim to celebrate women and girls by raising awareness of the issues that prevent them from achieving their potential and discussing solutions together.

With two women a week in Britain dying at the hands of their partners, the panel today discussed whether the dial has moved on domestic abuse. Other speakers included Businesswoman and Campaigner Gina Miller; Survivor, SafeLives Pioneer, Domestic Abuse and Youth Violence consultant Naomi Donald; artist, activist and SafeLives Pioneer Celia Peachey; and SafeLives CEO Suzanne Jacob.