The Duchess of Cornwall takes part in a call with The Silver Line in her role as Patron

The Duchess of Cornwall, in her role as Patron of The Silver Line, has taken part in a phone call with a regular Silver Line user, ninety year old Betty, and Dame Esther Rantzen. 

The Duchess first spoke to Betty in 2017 when she visited The Silver Line helpline in Blackpool. Betty has written to Her Royal Highness over the years, most recently after The Duchess visited Auschwitz earlier in January. Betty enclosed a poem that she had written about the liberation of Auschwitz.

During the call, Her Royal Highness said:

Just like during the war, this situation brings the best out of people.  You hear such wonderful stories of people helping others. Your generation was always very modest about these things. We will never see the like of your generation again. People were always thinking about others, and about duty and service and respect and manners. Those are the things I associate with your generation, Betty.

The conversation then moved on to family and The Duchess commented:

I really miss my grandchildren. That’s the really strange thing about it, not being able to see your grandchildren and giving them a hug. 

Her Royal Highness ended the call saying:

Stay safe everyone and see you when this is all over.

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