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The Prince of Wales and The Duchess
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Do The Prince and The Duchess attend church?

As Christians and as members of the Church of England, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall regularly attend church. When in Scotland, Their Royal Highnesses attend the Church of Scotland and…

How can I work for The Prince of Wales's Household?

We have a recruitment section on the website which is updated on a regular basis with vacancies within the Household. 

Does The Prince dislike all modern architecture?

No. The Prince has been the Patron of several contemporary architects, and has provided training to young architects through his charity  The Prince's Foundation for Building Community.The Prince…

Why does The Duchess have her own home at Raymill?

The Duchess likes to spend time with her children and grandchildren at their family home in Wiltshire.

Does The Prince advocate untested and dangerous alternative medical therapies?

Not at all. The Prince is a keen advocate of integrated healthcare. This means taking a wider, preventative approach to healthcare by addressing the underlying social, lifestyle and environmental causes…

What do the personal staff do?

The majority of the personal staff work on the farm and estate, or in the garden, at Highgrove. The remainder ensure the smooth running of the Royal Household.

How are The Prince and The Duchess's official activities funded?

The vast majority of Their Royal Highnesses’ activities are paid for out of The Prince’s income from the Duchy of Cornwall, the private estate which historically has always provided financial support…

As an environmental leader, why does The Prince of Wales drive around in a Bentley and own an Aston Martin?

The Prince does not own or choose to drive around in a Bentley. The car is required for some engagements for security reasons and is owned by the Metropolitan Police. Normally, The Prince and The Duchess…

How many people work for The Prince of Wales's Household?

The Prince of Wales employs 161.1 full-time equivalent staff. Of these, 134.9 support Their Royal Highnesses, including The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, in undertaking official duties…

What is Duchy Originals? Is it anything to do with the Duchy of Cornwall?

Duchy Originals is a company which The Prince of Wales set up in 1990, principally to sell organic food products.  Since then, it has become established as a leading organic and natural food brand…