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Create your own Mygrove!

Introduction to Mygrove by The Prince of Wales

Welcome to Mygrove, a site which has been specially designed for you to share in the fun of growing your own plants and vegetables.

As a keen gardener and farmer myself, it is wonderful to see the seasons producing different flowers and fruits from the golden daffodils of early Spring to the ripe red apples of Autumn.

Through your school, we’d like you to join our Mygrove challenge keeping an up-to-date- online blog about your own growing experiences. Whether you are creating a herb garden, tending a vegetable patch, building a bird box or simply growing flowers in a window box, we would like to hear from you.

At the same time as telling us about your own experiences, you can also read about what other schools are growing, as well as following what we are up to in my own garden at Highgrove. You never know, you might pick up some ideas!

I often think that gardening is a bit like painting. No matter how big or small the piece of paper or canvas you start with, it is what you create which matters!

Just like you and your school will be updating your own blogs and letting us know how you are getting on with your own Mygrove, we will be updating the Mygrove blog, too!

The blog on the right-hand side will keep you updated with lots of tips and hints for getting the best out of your Mygrove space.

Feel free to take a look at the blogs from other schools as well.

We hope you enjoy starting your own Mygrove and can’t wait to see what you start doing.

Good Luck!

The Mygrove team


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Hibernating Hedgehog

Saturday 28th March 2015

A hibernating hedgehog in the depths

Five years ago we begun turning our school grounds into a haven for wildlife and part of this strategy has been to allow large sections, which were previously tended, to be left alone.  One of these areas is next to a field of scrub where we regularly see deer and we know badgers have their setts.  The area has a low kickboard around it to make sure children do not disturb the area, and large branches are also piled at one end.  This was recommended after a visit by Chris Packham who advised us on how to attract more wildlife into our school grounds.  And this has paid off, as after a visit by a local expert on all things hedgehog, we found one curled up hibernating under a pile of twigs, sticks and branches although it was very hard to see. Very carefully, our expert checked…

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