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British Food

  • Strawberries in the UK start to ripen in June and will grow until mid-August.

    1 What time of year do you find strawberries in the UK?
  • In August 2012, The Hairy Bikers rolled up their sleeves to help schoolchildren prepare lunch fit for royalty! You can watch the video in the news and video section of this website.

    2 Which television chefs came to cook in the kitchen with The Duchess and children at Clarence House?
  • The Duchess of Cornwall came up with the idea of a competition for schoolchildren to win the chance to Cook for The Queen as a way of celebrating Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee.

    3 Why did The Duchess of Cornwall launch a Cook for The Queen competition?
  • Seeds can be sown in pots from April to June with pumpkins being harvested from September to November. This is why they are popular at Halloween which is at the end of October. They have lots of Vitamin C.

    4 What time of year would you harvest a pumpkin?
  • Tomatoes are actually a fruit although they are mainly eaten in salads and savoury dishes.

    5 Which of these is actually a fruit?
  • Locally sourced means food that comes from nearby and is environmentally friendly because it hasn’t travelled very far.

    6 What does “locally sourced” mean?
  • Sausages and Yorkshire pudding! Toad in the Hole is a traditional British dish made from sausages and Yorkshire pudding batter. Lots of people choose to serve it with vegetables and onion gravy. Yummy!

    7 What are the main ingredients for Toad in the Hole?
  • One of The Duchess of Cornwall's favourite vegetables are Broad Beans.

    8 What is one of The Duchess of Cornwall's favourite vegetables?

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Rosette British Food Quiz

10 21/02/2018