Sunrise in park

The Prince of Wales is encouraging children to look closer at nature this February Half Term by setting a series of nature-based challenges, in conjunction with his charities and Patronages.

From 15th - 20th February, daily tasks will be set via the @Clarencehouse Instagram page and on this website. The aim is for each challenge to encourage children and their families to grab their wellies and engage with the Natural World, which is just on their doorsteps.

It’s at this time of year that all sorts of wonderful things start happening as Nature wakes up the world from its Winter sleep.  Buds on trees will soon become leaves, bulbs will start pushing Spring flowers up through the soil and we’ll soon be hearing the wonderful sound of birdsong every morning.  These things will happen near you, whether you live in a town, or a city or in the countryside.

- HRH The Prince of Wales

The Prince has teamed up with various nature-based charities of which he is involved, to create a series of nature challenges which will be accessible and achievable to all those wanting to take part, whether you live in a town or the countryside everyone can join in while taking their daily exercise. All challenges can be carried out locally and any travel should be on foot only.

We hope you enjoy the challenges! Follow the hashtag #PoWNatureChallenge on social media and share your designs and creations throughout the week in the form of drawings, photographs or even poems.

For day one of the #PoWNatureChallenge, can you plant seeds and watch them grow?

Jules from charity Garden Organic is inviting you to make your own Cress Caterpillar! Or you can simply plant a seed from some of the fruit and vegetables you have eaten this week. 

Garden Organic believes that organic growing is essential for a healthy and sustainable world. The Prince of Wales has been Patron of the charity since 1988.

Butternut squash seeds
Butternut squash seeds and soil for planting

How to make a Cress Caterpillar:

You will need:

  • Seed from fruit or vegetables in the house or cress seeds
  • Soil, cotton wool or kitchen paper.
  • A recycled plant pot or egg carton


  1. Carefully cut an egg carton into two strips (ask an adult to help you!)
  2. Decorate your egg carton with paints and any crafty bits you have around the house.
  3. Fill each section of your egg carton with soil, cotton wool or kitchen paper.
  4. Sprinkle lots of cress seeds into each compartment and leave on a windowsill - don’t forget to feed him with a little water!
Cress Caterpillar

On the second day of #PoWNatureChallenge, can you make elephant artwork out of the fallen branches and leaves that you see on your daily walk?

Elephant Artwork
Elephant Artwork

Ruth from the Elephant Family charity, shares some ideas!

Founded by The Duchess of Cornwall’s late brother Mark Shand, Their Royal Highnesses have been joint Presidents of Elephant Family since 2014. The charity works to highlight and resolve the issues faced by Asia’s vulnerable elephants.


The Prince and The Duchess with Elephant Family


On Waterside Wednesday, the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust sets the third #PoWNatureChallenge. Scott from WWT asks you to visit your local waterside while on your daily walk, whether it be a beach, river, canal, lake or pond! While you're there, see how many birds you can spot! Can you identify any breeds?

How many birds can you spot?
How many birds can you spot?

Now can you create your own 'fantasy duck' using all your favourite bits from the different birds that you saw?

If you need a little help, download WWT's 'fantasy duck' guide here.

If you can't get out to your local wetlands, you can still join in! Why not try out a virtual birdwatching experience using one of WWT's waterbird webcams?

The Prince has been President of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust worldwide since 1979. Wetlands are essential for all life. WWT conserves, restores and creates wetlands, saves wetland wildlife, and inspires everyone to value the amazing things healthy wetlands achieve for people and nature.

Don’t forget to keep sharing your artwork and photographs with us by tagging @clarencehouse on Instagram with #POWNatureChallenge.


The fourth #PoWNatureChallenge comes from Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, who are asking you to create your very own miniature garden on a plate.

Garden Plate
Can you create your own miniature garden on a plate?

Perhaps you could draw inspiration from the many interesting plants and trees in the gardens of Kew?

The Prince of Wales has been Patron of Kew Gardens since 2016, an organisation renowned for its plant and fungus collections, conservation efforts and ground-breaking research.

Don’t forget to share your horticultural handiwork with us on social media using #PoWNatureChallenge!


In preparation for the next week of working at home, the next #PoWNatureChallenge is to have a go at painting a stone to use as a paperweight.

Have a go at painting your own paperweight!
Can you be inspired by the nature on your doorstep to paint a special paperweight?

Abi from the Wildlife Trusts tasks you to be inspired by one of the animals that the charity supports!

The Wildlife Trusts work on land and sea, from mountain tops to the seabed, to preserve wildlife and share their awareness of the natural world with people.

The Prince of Wales has supported the charity in his role as Patron for over 40 years.

The final #PoWNatureChallenge goes back to the start of the week when The Prince promised:

Once you start looking at Nature and searching for these common shapes, you will see them everywhere.

What patterns have you spot in Nature this week? Have you found any symmetrical patterns that you could reproduce?

Rotational symmetry


Jo and Lisa from The Prince's Foundation set today's challenge to recreate patterns that you have seen this week - perhaps that is the reflective symmetry of a leaf? Or the rotational symmetry of a flower?

The Prince’s Foundation believes that by understanding the balance and relationships between ourselves and the natural world, we can create a more sustainable future. Founded by HRH in 2018, The Foundation offers innovative training programmes for all ages and backgrounds. At the heart of the organisation is the Dumfries House estate, where the charity’s principles and philosophies are explored and put into practice.

Showcase your symmetry by tagging the @clarencehouse social media channels with the hashtag #PoWNatureChallenge!