Sue Carvill tells us how her life has changed since meeting her PRIME Cymru mentor.

"Two years ago, I was violently attacked during a robbery on the jewellery shop where I worked. I was worried whether I would ever be able to see again as I was sprayed with a double dose of pepper spray. The pain was unbearable. For nearly a year afterwards, I wouldn’t leave the house, was terrified of the dark and barely slept.

"But with the help of Victim Support, my doctor, my family, friends and counselling I slowly regained my confidence. I had not been able to work because of my injuries, but I began to want to work. I didn’t want to let them win!

"I had trained in reflexology for nine years using it as a hobby with family and friends. 

"Through PRIME Cymru I was partnered with mentor who encouraged me, and gave me the confidence and reassurance, to set up my own business. I decided that, although I am over 50, I wanted to start a mobile business in reflexology, which I have.

"In the beginning I was too scared to even meet my PRIME Cymru mentor in a cafe by myself so I had someone accompany me along to the meeting! But it was the best thing I ever did. I would never have taken the steps to set up my business without the support of PRIME Cymru. Today I feel very lucky.

"Thank you, PRIME Cymru and everyone else involved."

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