Over the years The Prince of Wales has founded a number of initiatives in order to try and help communities locally and globally.

The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S) was founded in 2004 and aims to inspire action by finance leaders to drive a fundamental shift towards resilient business models and a sustainable economy. To do this, A4S has three core aims:

  • Inspire finance leaders to adopt sustainable and resilient business models
  • Transform financial decision making to enable an integrated approach, reflective of the opportunities and risks posed by environmental and social issues
  • Scale up action across the global finance and accounting community

The Prince has long been sensitive to the plight of sheep farmers in this country and abroad and through his initiative, the Campaign for Wool has sought to repopularise wool as a natural fire-retardant and sustainable fabric.

Mosaic was founded by The Prince in 2007 and the charity's mentoring programmes create opportunities for young people growing up in the most deprived communities. Mosaic’s vision is for all young people to be supported to realise their potential.

The Prince's Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S) was established by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2004. Our aim is to make sustainable decision making business as usual.

We work with the finance and accounting community to:

  • Inspire finance leaders to adopt sustainable and resilient business models
  • Transform financial decision making to enable an integrated approach, reflective of the opportunities and risks posed by environmental and social issues
  • Scale up action across the global finance and accounting community

A4S has three global networks: the Chief Financial Officers Leadership Network, a group of CFOs from leading organizations seeking to transform finance and accounting; the Accounting Bodies Network whose members comprise approximately two thirds of the world’s accountants; and, the Asset Owners Network which brings together Pension Fund Chairs to integrate sustainability into investment.


Key dates


Launch of A4S
The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Project was established by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2004.



Launch of ABN
The Accounting Bodies Network is a group of accounting bodies from across the globe, brought together to help achieve a common approach to accounting for sustainability. The ABN members represent over two million accountants, almost two-thirds of the world's accountants.



Launch of IIRC
A4S established the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) bringing together global leaders from the corporate, investment, accounting, securities, regulatory, academic and standard-setting sectors as well as civil society.



Launch of Finance for the Future awards
The Finance for the Future awards highlight the essential role that the finance function plays in driving integrated thinking in decision making and in building sustainable business models. Its key ambition is to share best practice, drive awareness, inspire action and develop a community of finance leaders, committed to create more sustainable outcomes for their organisations.



Launch of CFO Leadership Network
The CFO Leadership Network is the first grouping of its kind globally. Launched by HRH The Prince of Wales, the Network brings together leading CFOs seeking to embed the management of environmental and social issues into business processes and strategy.



First A4S Essential Guides launched

Our CFO Leadership Network produces essential guides to help organizations embed social and environmental considerations into their strategy, culture and processes. They are developed by finance teams for finance teams, to share knowledge of current approaches on integrating sustainability into financial practices and decision making.


Business School Event

This event was held at the London Business School (LBS), to discuss the critical role that business schools play in research and development of new responses, along with the development of skills business leaders need both now and in the future through training and MBA programmes.



Measure What Matters Event

Measure What Matters explored the vision for achieving the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, and shared practical examples of how different actors are adopting the Global Goals, in particular focusing on ways to measure progress.



Debt Finance Event

The Prince of Wales brought together a small group of senior capital markets representatives to explore how risks and opportunities relating to major environmental and social trends impact debt financing decisions, and to consider actions that might be taken to integrate these issues more systematically.



The Prince of Wales launched the Campaign for Wool in January 2010 as an initiative to expand the market for British and Commonwealth wool and promote awareness of its environmental benefits.

On hearing about the low prices British farmers were receiving for their wool, The Prince of Wales convened a group of representatives from the fashion and interior design industries to see what could be done. A firm supporter of sheep farmers, The Prince was interested in seeing how the benefits of this material could be better explained to people so that they appreciated the benefits of choosing a natural product.

On a freezing cold day in January 2010, The Prince of Wales launched the Campaign in front of a group of fashion, carpeting and insulation industry experts. In his speech, The Prince highlighted the many benefits wool had to offer. It grows naturally, it is versatile, possessing a natural elasticity, and it can be crafted into a wide range of beautiful and practical clothes, carpets and other furnishings. Wool is also an excellent insulator that remains warm even when wet; a natural fire retardant, odour-resistant, and absorbent of both shocks and sound.  Finally, at the end of its life it is entirely biodegradable. Buying wool helps support sheep farmers around the world. 

As a result, The Campaign for Wool has seen wool growing organizations from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Norway working together to remind the world of wool’s usefulness.  

In 2010, the Campaign for Wool staged London Wool Week where fifty-five retailers came together to promote wool. Major British retailers supported the initiative which saw a herd of sheep grazing on a newly turfed over Savile Row.

The 2013 Wool House was a major highlight of the Campaign. This twelve day exhibition attracted 17,000 visitors, and took over the West Wing of Somerset House. It featured stunning styled wool rooms by seven leading interior designers, and designer Vivienne Westwood showcased the latest in woollen fashion. 

In 2014, guests of His Royal Highness at Clarence House witnessed first-hand the fire-retardant properties of wool and also the wonderful biodegradable nature of the material when a woollen jumper was buried along a synthetic counterpart. When exhumed some months later during the London Wool Week, the woollen garment had biodegraded, whereas the synthetic item remained intact. 

In September 2016, The Prince attended the first ever Campaign for Wool Conference at Dumfries House. This event brought together the entire wool chain, from key farmers and growers, to buyers and fashion designers. It culminated in the signing of the Dumfries House Declaration, a pledge to all major fashion retailers from across the Commonwealth to support the use of this remarkable fibre.

Mosaic was founded in 2007 by HRH The Prince of Wales and its mission, through its mentoring programmes, is to create opportunities for young people of all backgrounds growing up in our most deprived communities and to harness the power of positive thinking. On 1st July 2016, Mosaic moved home to become an initiative of The Prince’s Trust. 

Mosaic believes that by linking young people with inspirational role models such as yourself, this will help to boost their confidence, self-efficacy and long-term employability. Mosaic delivers four mentoring programmes:

  • Primary school mentoring programme
  • Secondary school group mentoring programme
  • Mosaic Enterprise Challenge
  • Young ex-offender mentoring programme

In May 2015, a new photograph featuring HRH The Prince of Wales and mentors from his mentoring initiative Mosaic has been unveiled as part of an exhibition at London’s Brunei Gallery by celebrated photographer Peter Sanders.


The photograph is a continuation of a photograph taken 15 years ago and forms part of Sanders’ ‘The Art of Integration’ exhibition, a visual reminder of the role Muslims play and have played in British life, and demonstrates HRH’s long-standing support for the Muslim community in the UK.

Speaking about the exhibition, His Royal Highness said: ‘Integration is, indeed, an art, something of great beauty which is to be treasured and at which, with application, the human spirit can excel’.

To find out more Mosaic visit: www.mosaicnetwork.co.uk


Mosaic Impact Case Study: Jazibah Ziarab

Mosaic Case Study


Jazibah Ziarab, 19, is studying Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leeds, balancing her studying with mentoring on Mosaic’s Primary School programme at Horton Grange Primary School in Bradford.

Jazibah’s story is particularly powerful; she has come full circle having herself being a mentee when she was in Year 10 at Belle Vue Girls’ School. She recalled: “Our teachers told us we would be taking part in Mosaic’s mentoring programme to help us with our employability skills and self-efficacy. I clearly remember being so aloof before starting. I had no intention of going into higher education and didn’t know what career I was interested in.

“I think at the time my biggest problem was my confidence. I had no belief in myself at all, but after a few activities positive feedback from the mentors it really helped. I remember doing a mock interview and the feedback made me realise that I should believe in myself more and give myself more credit.

“I remember we did some weekly sessions on different employability aspects such as CV writing, interview skills and how to come across as confident even if you’re feeling nervous. Now, when I’m in situations where I am very nervous I am able to portray myself as being confident, which I think I picked up from my time being mentored with Mosaic.”

Jazibah’s first experience of being a mentor herself was with a group of 15 Year 5 girls at Horton Grange Primary School, all of whom come from ethnic minority backgrounds. She explained: “When I first started I observed that the girls were very quiet and reserved. There were a few who were quite confident but the quiet ones definitely outnumbered the confident ones. 

“After a few sessions it was very noticeable that the girls who were extremely quiet had become much more open to speaking in front of the whole class. We did a group activity where we picked two of the quietest girls to be spokespeople. It was amazing how they got up and spoke in front of the whole class with so much confidence.”

Jazibah said that both being mentored and becoming a mentor has had a profound impact on her life. She said: “I feel much better and more composed as a person. There hasn’t been one interview that I’ve been to where it hasn’t been successful and this is because Mosaic helped me. 

“The support was fantastic, it made you feel that people do care about you and there are people out there who want to see you grow as a person and do your absolute best. I think the highlight was when HRH The Prince of Wales came to visit our school. This made me feel so special to think that he came all the way to our school just to give us his support and spend his time with us.”

She added: “Now, I’m at university, engaging with new people every day. I’m an independent woman studying my dream subject, applying for jobs, mentoring for Mosaic and trying out new things. Mosaic helped me with my confidence so much and I have come so far from where I was before. I don’t think there is another organisation that does as much for students or even comes close to it. I would tell all pupils to have faith in themselves because what you dream you can achieve. If I can do it anyone can!”

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