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The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall to visit Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Published on 20th February 2012

The British Government have asked The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall to undertake official visits to Norway, Sweden and Denmark from 20th to 27th March 2012. These visits, to other Monarchies linked by common Royal descent, mark the start of Their Royal Highnesses’ official overseas celebrations of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Their Royal Highnesses will, in each case, be guests of the Sovereign Head of State.

The themes of the tour will include strong historic and diplomatic links between the United Kingdom and all three countries. There will be a particular focus on commercial opportunities for British business to support our economy, military co-operation, environmental sustainability, social cohesion and youth opportunities.

The tour will begin in Oslo, Norway, with a ceremonial wreath laying at the National Memorial, accompanied by The King and Queen. The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall will then meet young people engaged in youth activities, including survivors of the terrible attack at Utøya last Summer, at the city’s Nobel Peace Centre. The King and Queen will host a State Dinner for Their Royal Highnesses in the Royal Palace. The Prince and Duchess will also travel to Bergen, where, among other engagements, they will attend a concert in a medieval hall which The Prince first visited in 1969 on a visit with Her Majesty The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh. The Prince will also meet the crew of HMS Liverpool who, working in partnership with their Norwegian counterparts, played a key role in the recent liberation of Libya.

In Sweden, The Prince and The Duchess will be received in Stockholm by The King and Queen, before visiting Europe’s largest youth activity centre at Fryshuset. Their Majesties will host an official lunch for Their Royal Highnesses. The remainder of the programme will focus on military and commercial cooperation, the international work of a world renowned environmental research centre and education. There will also be a visit to the world famous Vasa warship which, like her counterpart the Mary Rose, sank on her maiden voyage and was recovered in the twentieth century.

The Spring Tour will finish in Denmark, where Their Royal Highnesses will be guests of The Queen and Prince Consort. Our own Diamond Jubilee celebrations have particular resonance since The Queen of Denmark is celebrating her fortieth anniversary on the Throne. The Queen of Denmark and the Prince Consort will host an official dinner for Their Royal Highnesses; and the Crown Prince Couple will accompany Their Royal Highnesses on a number of engagements. In Copenhagen, the Royal Couple will meet veterans from Afghanistan campaigns and attend a service at the Anglican Church, at which other Members of the British Royal Family, including Princess Alexandra and Edward VII, have previously worshipped. The Prince will visit a power station to see low-carbon and renewable power generation in action. At Kronborg Castle in Elsinore, The Prince and The Duchess will see a theatre workshop arranged in partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company, followed by an excerpt from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. Moving on to Jutland, Their Royal Highnesses will visit a university to see ground-breaking “green” technology initiatives, and visit one of Denmark’s leading sustainable and organic farms.

Notes for editors

The Prince of Wales last visited Norway in May 2010 and Denmark in December 2009. This will be The Prince’s first official visit to Sweden, though he has visited privately in the past, and The Duchess’s first official visit to all three countries.