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A speech by HRH The Prince of Wales in absentia to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration

Published on 2nd November 2017

While an official Overseas Visit prevents me from joining you in person this evening, I did just want to offer a few words to commemorate this deeply significant moment in the shared history of our nations.

That so many distinguished figures have come together this evening is testament both to the Balfour Declaration's profound significance for all Jewish people, and if I may say so, to the United Kingdom's role in helping to make the State of Israel a reality.

It is clear that a great deal remains to be done if we are to bring about a just and lasting peace for Israel and her neighbours. For our part, I know that the United Kingdom will continue to work tirelessly in the interests of all the people of the region.

The strong relationship that the United Kingdom enjoys with the modern State of Israel is underpinned not just by a range of shared interests, but by the closeness of the personal friendships that bind our people. That is why it was so important to me that I could visit Israel last year for the funeral of President Peres.

This brings you my warmest good wishes as you celebrate our enduring friendship.