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A speech by HRH The Prince of Wales replying to the Loyal Address by Sir Ben Bowen Thomas, President of the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, The Investiture of The Prince of Wales, Caernarfon Castle, North Wales

Published on 19th February 1970

"Mae eich anerchiad wedi fy nghyffwrdd yn ddwys a gallaf eich sicrhau fy mod wedi cymryd sylw o'r gobeithion amlygwyd ynddyn nhw. Yn wir, rwy'n bwriadu cysylltu fy hun o ddifrif mewn gair a gweithred a chymaint o fywyd y Dywysogaeth - a'r fath Dywysogaeth ydy hi! - ag a fydd yn bosibl. 'Roeddwn i'n teimlo cryn dipyn o falchder ac emosiwn wrth dderbyn y symbolau hyn o'm swydd yn y gaer odidog hon. Lle ni allai neb beidio a theimlo rhyw gyffro yn awyrgylch ei gwychder hynafol.

Ni fedrwn innau, chwaith, lai na bod yn ymwybodol o hanes maith Cymru a'i phenderfyniad i barhau ar wahan ac i warchod ei threftadaeth arbennig ei hun, treftadaeth sy'n mynd yn ol i niwloedd hen hanes y Brython, ac sydd wedi cynhyrchu cymaint o ddewrion, tywysogion, beirdd, ysgolheigion, ac yn ddiweddarach fyth gantorion enwog, "goon" cofiadwy iawn a ser amlwg ym myd y ffilmiau. Fe ysbrydolwyd pob un o'r bobl hyn mewn rhyw ffordd neu'i gilydd, gan y dreftadaeth hon."

["The words of your address have certainly touched me deeply and I can assure you I have taken note of the hopes expressed in them. It is, indeed, my firm intention to associate myself in word and deed with as much of the life of the Principality as possible - and what a Principality!

It is with a certain sense of pride and emotion that I have received these symbols of office, here in this magnificent fortress, where no-one could fail to be stirred by its atmosphere of time-worn grandeur, nor where I myself could be unaware of the long history of Wales in its determination to remain individual and to guard its own particular heritage. A heritage that dates back into the mists of ancient British history, that has produced many brave men, Princes, poets, bards, scholars and more recently, great singers, a very memorable "goon" and eminent film stars. All these people have been inspired in some way by this heritage."]

The Prince then switched to English:

"I hope and trust that in time I shall be able to offer my own contribution and to do that I seek your cooperation and understanding.

Speaking for myself, as a result of my two-month stay in this country, I have come to see far more in the title I hold than hitherto. I am more than grateful to the people of this Principality for making my brief stay so immensely worthwhile and for giving me such encouragement in the learning of the language.

I know that social conditions have changed since 50 years ago and, of course, are still changing. The demands on a Prince of Wales have altered, but I am determined to serve and to try as best I can to live up to those demands, whatever they might be in the rather uncertain future. One thing I am clear about and it is that Wales needs to look forward without forsaking the traditions and essential aspects of her past. The past can be just as much a stimulus to the future as anything else. By the affirmation of your loyalty today for which I express my gratitude, this will not simply be a faint hope."