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Clarence House publishes its first Annual Review

30th June 2004

Clarence House today publishes its first Annual Review of The Prince of Wales's activities and accounts. It shows that in the year to the end of March 2004, The Prince helped to raise, directly or indirectly, around £100 million for charity, undertook over 500 engagements and gave 50 major speeches.

Commenting on the publication, His Royal Highness's Private Secretary, Sir Michael Peat, said today:

“People are entitled to know how The Prince of Wales fulfils his public role and seeks to make a difference for the better. The Annual Review explains his official and charitable work and how it is funded, and illustrates the range and depth of his contribution to national life.”

The Annual Review explains his work by breaking it down into three principal elements:

Undertaking royal duties in support of The Queen The Prince supports The Queen in her role as a focal point for national pride, unity and allegiance; examples over the past year include visits to servicemen and women serving in Iraq and their families in the UK and attending the first citizenship ceremony in Brent.

Working as a charitable entrepreneur The Prince of Wales helps directly or indirectly to raise around £100 million for his 17 core charities as well as providing leadership, support and inspiration for the thousands of staff and volunteers who work for them. The Prince's core charities make up the country's largest multi-cause charitable enterprise, the work of which is focused on seven main areas: Youth Opportunity, Health, Education, Responsible Business, the Natural Environment, the Built Environment and the Arts.

Promoting and protecting what is best about Britain This includes encouraging support for tolerance and understanding (such as between different faiths), and drawing public attention to issues that may otherwise be overlooked. Last year, The Prince raised awareness on a number of issues, including sustainable development, environmental protection, rural regeneration, ethnic communities and tourism.

The Review shows that in 2003-4, His Royal Highness:

• undertook 517 official engagements, including 82 abroad; • met an estimated 10,000 people during these engagements and received or entertained 9,000 guests at royal residences; • attended over 150 formal briefings and meetings; • received over 33,000 letters from the public; and • wrote over 2,000 letters personally with a further 10,000 written on his behalf by his Office.

The Review also details how The Prince's work is funded. He uses his own money to pay for his official activities, supported by The Queen's Grant-in-Aid funding to provide some travel, property and communications facilities.

The income from the Duchy of Cornwall rose by 20 per cent, principally reflecting increased rents from commercial property, and The Prince's organic food company, Duchy Originals, made a £1 million profit for the first time, all of which goes to charity.