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Day 1: The Prince of Wales visits Armenia

28th May 2013

The YML project

The YML project

His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales visited Armenia today as guest of the Yerevan My Love charitable foundation.

The Prince is the first member of the Royal Family to travel to the Republic of Armenia during his visit from May 28-30.

During his visit, The Prince viewed important historical sites in Armenia and attended a gala concert and dinner in support of the charity’s work in preserving the cultural heritage of Yerevan, the capital.

Yerevan My Love was founded by Dr Armen Sarkissian, former Prime Minister of Armenia.

It is a “heritage-led regeneration project with high social impact programmes” that works to restore historic buildings in Yerevan and to adapt them to the modern needs of its people.

In this manner Yerevan My Love is very similar to Dumfries House, a heritage-led regeneration project in Scotland, which is being developed by The Prince of Wales to not only reinvigorate the surrounding area, but to create a lasting and creative legacy for many years to come.

In June 2007, HRH The Prince of Wales, under his title as the Great Steward of Scotland, headed a consortium of charities and heritage bodies to purchase Dumfries House, its contents and adjoining land, in order to keep Dumfries House intact and accessible to the public and to regenerate the local area. Dr. Sarkissian has been an avid supporter of Dumfries House.