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The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall spend a final day in Denmark

27th March 2012

The Prince of Wales received a Welsh welcome when he visited a Danish housing estate today.

The Prince spotted a large Welsh flag in the crowds outside Gyldenrisparken Housing Estate, in a suburb of Copenhagen, and made a beeline for it.

He stopped to chat to four teachers, all originally from Aberdare, south Wales, who were holding it and congratulated them on Wales's recent Six Nations Grand Slam victory.

He smiled as he saw the flag and pointed at it, saying: "Can you believe this?"

Patricia Christensen said: "He asked if we were all married to Danes, which we are, and if we have a chance to go back to Wales often.

"Then he said: 'Congratulations on the rugby. That was very well done.'

"He said that he'd noticed the flag when he got out of the car."

Maura Sorensen said: "I don't think he was expecting to see a Welsh flag. I thought he was very handsome.

"He went over to the schoolchildren and spoke to them as well. It was just fabulous."

The Prince and Crown Prince Frederik were given a tour of the estate, including its carbon-neutral nursery and old people's home.

While inside the home, The Prince took a keen interest in the activity centre and the two Princes took up cues to have a go at a Danish form of pool called skomager.

In the gym for elderly residents, The Prince watched them keeping fit with exercise bikes and step machines, and said to resident Birthe Weston: "Look at all this activity here. Are you exhausted? My goodness gracious."

He also had the chance to visit the home of one of the residents for a closer look, and joked to 75-year-old Birthe Drasbaek: "You have a very good drinks cabinet."

Gyldenrisparken, which has 900 residents, is undergoing an £80 million renovation. The Prince was told the focus has been on sustainability and the environment, with details including a moss roof and solar heating for the nursery.

The Prince and Duchess flew to Horsens in Jutland, to pay a visit to VIA University in Horsens, which is to hold an EU summit in April.

They looked at bikes which have been refurbished, having been found abandoned, and painted bright pink in a nod to the Giro d'Italia bike race, whose leader wears a jersey of that colour. The 100 bikes will be used by delegates at the summit.

The Duchess pointed to one bike in the process of being mended, and said: "I had a bicycle like that. It's lovely." The Prince pointed out another bike which had no wheels, and joked: "This is more like yours."

They stepped inside prototypes of battery-charged electric cars before meeting international students studying at the university.

Their last visit of their tour to Scandinavia was to Barritskov Farm, where they saw factory workers packing organic vegetables.