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Visit to Yorkshire

23rd July 2013

11-week-old Hugo and his mother, Heather Bradley, 29,from Wamsford, wait to meet the Prince of Wales during a walk about in Burton Fleming, East Yorkshire

11-week-old Hugo and his mum, Heather Bradley, 29,from Wamsford, wait to meet the Prince of Wales during a walk about in Burton Fleming, East Yorkshire

The Prince of Wales says he is thrilled about the birth of his grandchild 

The Prince of Wales today said he was "thrilled and very excited" about the birth of his first grandchild.

And The Duchess of Cornwall described the arrival of the Prince of Cambridge as "a wonderfully uplifting moment for the country".

The Prince and The Duchess were met by cheering crowds of well-wishers on a visit to East Yorkshire.

Villager after villager offered the couple their congratulations as the royal couple walked around the green in Bugthorpe.

The Prince said: "I'm thrilled and very excited."

The Duchess said her husband would make a "brilliant" grandfather.

"I think it's wonderful news. I think mother, son and father are all well," she told the BBC.

"And I think it's a wonderfully uplifting moment for the country.

"It's very exciting and it's wonderful for the grandfather - he's brilliant with children."

The village was decked out with Union flags and bunting for the visit.

One member of the crowd, local resident Robert Barrett, was one of the first to greet the Prince, saying "Morning Grandad", which raised a chuckle from The Prince.

"He obviously likes being a grandad," Mr Barrett added.

And a little boy asked the Prince: "When's the little baby coming?" to which The Prince replied: "We haven't been able to bring him yet."

Many people asked whether the new baby had a name, but The Prince gave little away.

Alec Dale told His Royal Highness: "We popped a bottle of bubbly last night at our house.

"I hope you did too."

The Prince replied: "Yes. But just a little bit."

Isla Lister, eight, said both The Prince and The Duchess told her they could not wait to see the new baby.

She said: "She was really nice and she said was really excited.

The Prince of Wales waves to the crowds during a walk about in Burton Fleming, East Yorkshire

The Prince of Wales waves to the crowds during a walk about in Burton Fleming, East Yorkshire.

"I spoke to The Prince too and he said he couldn't wait to see him too."

Her mother, Debbie Lister, asked The Duchess about the baby's name.

Mrs Lister said: "She said they had no clue whatsoever.

"She wasn't giving anything away.

"I thought she might tell me something, but no."

And Isla's grandmother, Judy Willis, said The Prince told her; "Grannies are getting younger, you know."

Later, The Duchess enjoyed a lunch of fish and chips in Bridlington.

She said: "I think these are celebration fish and chips.

"Celebrating the birth of the new baby."

The Duchess said the haddock and chips, which she ate out of a box, was the "best thing I have eaten in an awfully long time".

Owner John Hutchinson said: "Sue, my other half, tried to prise the name out of her but she wasn't having any of it."

The Duchess turned down an offer of batter "scraps" on her meal, instead accepting a slice of lemon.

Outside, she chatted to the small crowd cheering and waving Union flags.

Many of the well-wishers congratulated her on the royal birth.

Marie-Clare Gazeley gave The Duchess a bouquet of flowers after she came over to see her three-month-old son, Noah.

Ms Gazeley, 25, said: "She was just telling me how good he is.

"They were all asking her about the baby but she just said she hoped to see him very soon."

The Prince visited a country pub but did not wet the baby's head during his series of engagements but he was given a selection of real ales to take away from a micro-brewery close to the village of Burton Fleming.

Kate Balchin, 26, account manager at Wold Top Brewery which is run by her parents, Tom and Gill Mellor, said: "He said he was looking forward to trying some.

The Prince was in the East Yorkshire village to meet people who were affected by severe floods at Christmas, and spoke to them in the Burton Arms pub.

A crowd of hundreds brought the village of only 400 people to a standstill when Charles arrived, cheering and shouting their congratulations to him.

One group of pensioners serenaded him with the song: "Grandad, we love you, Grandad, we do."

Before the meeting in the pub, The Prince met 11-week-old Hugo Tate and pronounced him "lovely".

Proud mother Heather Bradley, a 29-year-old estate agent from Wansford, said: "The Prince said he was lovely and it was lovely to meet him." 

Other gifts for The Prince included eggs and a tomato plant.

His Royal Highness hugged overjoyed well-wishers as he mixed with crowds at Bridlington Harbour.

Geraldine Kynaston asked The Prince if she could give him a cuddle to congratulate him on becoming a grandparent.

"I said 'Can I give the grandad a hug?'," said the Bridlington resident.

"He said 'Excuse me?!' So I said 'Can I give the new grandad a hug?'.

And he said 'Of course'.

"It was just very light-hearted - the whole country's jubilant."

There were spontaneous rounds of applause and cries of "Congratulations, Grandad" as The Prince was shown around the harbour, where he met members of marine conservation, fishing and other nautical organisations.

He jokingly responded: "Am I stopping you getting your fish and chips?"

As the impending rain held off, The Prince took an unscheduled walk past crowds on Bridlington seafront, where he took an interest in newborn baby Ronnie Benjamin.

He briefly held Ronnie's hand as he exchanged a few words with his mother, Natalie, asking her about her new son.

After The Duchess's visit to a fish and chip shop, it was The Prince's turn to sample some local cuisine - Bridlington crab cakes, cooked by local hotel chef David Nowell.

"He said he really liked them," said Mr Nowell, who works at Beverley Tickton Grange.

The Prince also spoke to Holderness Fishing Industry Group about the impact of offshore wind farms on fish numbers, and was offered the chance to hold a live lobster, which he politely declined.

Group member Jamie Robertson said: "He didn't get his hands wet but he had a close look."

The Prince and The Duchess rounded off their day in Yorkshire with a walkabout among thousands of well-wishers in the seaside town of Withernsea.

Everywhere they went in the town they were greeted with shouts of "congratulations" and some people  gave them teddies and other presents.

But His Royal Highness resisted all attempts by people in the crowd to find out more details about his new grandson, including any potential names.

And he even had a kiss for pensioner Irene Vyner, who wished the new royal baby well from her wheelchair.

Owen Hyde, 21, gave The Prince a teddy in "Beautiful Baby Boy" gift bag.

"He loved it," Mr Hyde said. "I said it will be very much loved."

Pam Tyler, 62, said: "I told him the baby was born on my birthday yesterday. He said that at least I didn't look older than him."

Their Royal Highnesses braved the rain to tour a festival of different activities on the seafront - The Prince showing particular concern for the young girls of the Heatwave UK baton twirling group after he noticed them shivering as they waited to perform.

The Royal couple completed the visit and left by car, cheered by another large crowd of people, many waving "It's A Boy" banners.

Bridlington Town Crier David Hinde read a special proclamation for the royals as they visited Bridlington Priory.

Mr Hinde, who was appointed last year following a 111-year gap in the role, said The Prince asked him: "Are you well-used?". He replied: "Yes sir, very much so."

Mr Hinde, who will attempt a record to become the world's loudest town crier next month, added: "It was quite a thrill really. He came across as a very caring, personable guy.

"He looked as if he was really enjoying the visit and obviously he was thrilled to bits with the new arrival."