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The Prince of Wales attends a Prince's Trust Youth Leadership reception

29th January 2015

The Prince of Wales makes a speech at the Prince's Trust Youth Leadership reception

The Prince of Wales makes a speech at the Prince's Trust Youth Leadership reception

The evening also saw the unveiling of a multi-channel advertising campaign from the Trust, which featured its first new TV advertisement in nearly a decade.

The campaign - #TogetherWeCan - aims to increase support and donations to help vulnerable young people, many of whom are facing issues such as mental health problems, homelessness and abuse, move into employment, education or training.

Speaking about the research produced by the Trust, The Prince said: "My Trust's Youth Index, published earlier this month, found that it is often a lack of support at home which has a detrimental effect, and that a quarter of the young people in the UK don't have anyone to talk to about their problems while growing up, and one in 10 have been physically attacked at home during their childhood."

The report, based on interviews with 2,265 16 to 25-year-olds, also revealed that while 20% of young people admitted to "falling apart" emotionally on a regular basis, this increased to a third among unemployed young people.

The Prince of Wales meets young ambassador Chantelle

The Prince of Wales meets young ambassador Chantelle

The Prince of Wales has highlighted the plight of unemployed young people during a fundraising dinner in aid of The Prince's Trust.

His Royal Highness told more than 600 business leaders that research produced by his organisation had found that almost half of the unemployed young people it questioned felt depressed "always" or "often".

He was speaking at his Trust's leadership dinner at the London Hilton in Park Lane, an event staged to unite business leaders to help disadvantaged young people turn their lives around.

The Prince added: "For young people who are unemployed, the situation is increasingly dire, with 53% of them feeling anxious about everyday situations and a heart-breaking 47% feeling depressed 'always' or 'often'.

"As we all know, unemployment eats away at the confidence of those it affects, and I urge you not to forget about those young people who we haven't reached yet, who are out there right now with no hope for the future.

"They still need our help - and one very important way of doing so is through skills training. With so many gaps in skills ... to be filled, the level of youth unemployment could be greatly reduced - with some joined-up thinking."

Hosted by BBC Broadcaster and Prince's Trust Ambassador Sophie Raworth, the event featured Chantelle, a young ambassador for the Trust, telling her inspiring story of how she overcame the traumatic experience of being a young carer and unemployed to work in customer services with a leading bank.

Guest speaker Baroness Shields said of the event: "The working world has experienced a seismic shift in how it uses technology, The Prince's Trust is helping to put disadvantaged young people at the front of the queue for those jobs. I couldn't be more proud to lend my support to this event."

A speech by HRH The Prince of Wales at a Leadership Reception hosted by The Prince's Trust

Published on 23rd January 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, I must say I am so glad to have this opportunity to see so many of you here this evening. I do hope you are also intrigued by coming to this remarkable venue here because, believe it or not, I have never been here either! So it's a great treat for me to see this remarkable place and to know that also just by being here this evening we're contributing a little bit more to the legal profession...

But Ladies and Gentlemen above all else, I wanted to thank all of you for giving up your precious time for being here this evening because I know what incredibly busy lives you lead, and the fact that so many of you have apparently seen the point about my Prince's Trust is remarkable. I suspect quite a lot of you might have been persuaded, by having your arms pulled up behind you back to be here, but nevertheless I hope this evening you find out a little bit more about what my Trust tries to do.

If I may say so, I'm particularly proud of the fact that over the last, since 2002, we've had these Leadership Groups which, as many of you know, have made a fantastic difference to my Trust. For instance the Technology Leadership Group, which has 48 members, has raised £17 million since 2002 and aims to raise £2.2 million this year. The Internet and Media Group has raised over £3 million since 2010, and is aiming to raise £1.1 million this year. The Construction and Business Services raised £5.4 million since 2006, the Retail Sector £5 million since 2009, and we must not forget the enormous contribution made by the Financial Services Sec ...

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