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The Prince of Wales gives an exclusive interview to BBC Radio 2's Sunday Hour about building bridges between different faiths

8th February 2015

The Prince of Wales and Diane Louise Jordan discuss building bridges between faiths

The Prince of Wales and Diane Louise Jordan discuss building bridges between faiths

The Prince of Wales has given an exclusive interview to The Sunday Hour on BBC Radio 2 in which he discusses his quest to build bridges between religions and his concerns for Christians living in the Middle East.

The interview, with presenter Diane Louise Jordan, will be broadcast in a special edition of The Sunday Hour on BBC Radio 2 this Sunday 8th February at 6am, with a shorter version of the interview also appearing on Songs of Praise at 5pm on BBC One.  

The Sunday Hour looks at what it means to be a Christian in the Middle East and what can be done to build bridges between Christians and Muslims to create greater respect and tolerance between faiths.

The programme contains powerful stories from members of the church congregations who have been forced to flee persecution from Syria and Iraq.  His Royal Highness also talks about the practical initiatives he believes are important to meet the challenges it throws up for us here in Britain about different communities accepting each other. In addition to HRH The Prince of Wales, members of other religious communities are also interviewed including Archbishop Athanasius Toma Dawod, Head of the Syrian Orthodox Church in the UK, Bishop Vahan Hovhanessian, Primate of the Armenian Orthodox Diocese of the UK and Republic of Ireland, Dilawar Khan, Executive Director of the East London Mosque and members of the Chaldean Catholic Church in North Ealing.

His Royal Highness also discusses his interest in all faiths and his thoughts on how different communities can live alongside each other.

The Prince has worked for many years to encourage inter-faith dialogue and greater understanding of other religions both in Britain and abroad.

Presenter Diane Louise Jordan said:  "This was an important interview for His Royal Highness to give at a time when the trust and respect between certain faiths are on the verge of fracturing. In my view Prince Charles is inspired by Jesus’ teaching about loving our neighbour and he passionately emphasised how we should treat each other, whatever our faith, so we can live side by side in a safe environment. His Royal Highness expressed some powerful ideas, so I am naturally honoured he specifically chose BBC Radio 2’s The Sunday Hour to articulate his views.”
The Sunday Hour is broadcast on BBC Radio 2, Sunday 8th February 6am to 7am. The programme will also be available to listen again via iPlayer Radio and at
Songs of Praise is broadcast on BBC One, Sunday 8th February, 5.00 ”“ 5.35pm.

Watch a short clip of the interview below:


An exclusive interview with The Prince of Wales and BBC Radio 2's Sunday Hour