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The Prince of Wales named the most influential conservationist in the UK

7th June 2007

The Prince of Wales has been named the most influential conservationist in the UK, according to a panel of Britain’s foremost experts.

His Royal Highness was chosen out of a list of the UK’s 20 most influential conservation heroes by a panel of leading conservationists for BBC Wildlife Magazine.

The panel cited The Prince’s role as Britain’s leading organic farmer through the Duchy of Cornwall estate and referred to the Harvard Medical Centre’s Global Environmental Citizen Prize which was awarded to The Prince earlier this year.

Writer and journalist Peter Marren, who was a member of the judging panel, commented: “Prince Charles is thoughtful and intelligent and was champion of many things in the natural world before they became fashionable.”

BBC Wildlife Magazine Editor Sophie Stafford added: “When Prince Charles speaks, the world – not just the British people – listens.”

Initial nominations were received from the BBC Wildlife Magazine advisory panel and readers, before being considered by the panel.

Sir David Attenborough came in close at number two having helped “millions of people to understand, and care more about, the natural world” as “the most trusted communicator of his generation”.

James Fair, who was also on the judging panel, added: “BBC Wildlife Magazine celebrates the beauty of the natural world, but without the ‘conservation heroes’ we acknowledge in this issue, there would be a lot less of it today.

“Humans can affect the wildlife and the environment in a positive way – these people show us how.”

A list of the top 20 UK conservationists and their profiles and achievements, ‘Our Wildlife Heroes’, is to be published in the July issue of BBC Wildlife magazine.  Click here to visit the BBC Wildlife Magazine website.