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The Sun Military Awards

6th December 2012

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall attend the Sun Military Awards

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall attend the Sun Military Awards

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall were joined in London by celebrities, Olympians and top models for the most glamorous military awards of the year. Their Royal Highnesses arrived at the Sun Military Awards on a cold but proud Thursday night at the Imperial War Museum in south London.

The event, also known as the Millies or Night of Heroes, brought together the cream of the crop from the world's of cinema, sport, television and fashion.

Attendees included footballer Frank Lampard and his girlfriend Christine Bleakley, comedian Ricky Gervais, actor Kevin Spacey and top model Elle Macpherson.

Singer and TV personality Myleene Klass was among the judges who decided the winners of last night's awards.

The 34-year-old said that, as a "Navy brat", she was honoured to have taken part in what she described as a difficult task.

Olympic gold medal-winning cyclist Victoria Pendleton said the military deserved special praise this year for their role in helping make the Games a success.

She said: "It is important to celebrate and thank all the people who help us in the military all across the world every day.

"And also they played a very special role this summer, one we are very grateful of and really made the experience for people coming to London to watch the Games something really special."

Their Royal Highnesses both have strong personal links with the military, holding a number of military appointments.

Earlier in the day, The Prince had visited the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, of which he is Colonel, to present operational service medals to those who have just returned from Afghanistan.


The Prince of Wales makes a speech at The Sun Military Awards

A speech by The Prince of Wales at The Sun Military Awards 2012

Published on 6th December 2012

Well ladies and gentlemen, I hope you appreciate just how proud I feel to have been able to present this award this evening.

One of the great things about an evening like this is it does provide an opportunity once a year to remind people of the extraordinary contribution made by our Armed Forces in all sorts of different parts of the world. And when you think what they are doing at any one time it is truly remarkable just think for instance this year how at short notice what some twenty thousand service personnel found themselves supporting the Olympics and they did the most fantastic job.

There they were in uniform able to remind people of how important our Armed Forces are. And of course the unending relentless courage of our Armed Forces is on display day after day in Afghanistan. And they have I think the most extraordinary resilience, patience, determination despite the horrors of being turned upon from time to time by the people they’re training and mentoring and the fact that they continue and go on despite these setbacks and these tragedies to their own mates is an example it seems to me of the remarkable teamwork which is really what the Armed Forces is all about. And our Armed Forces set us I think a truly extraordinary example and many of them go on to encourage and enthuse young people through cadet units for instance all over the country.

And I know that through my regiments that I come across and talk to all the time that the discomfort in Afghanistan for instance is unbelievable, when you think what they’re having to endure whe ...

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