The Duchess of Cornwall (DoC): Good morning, David! Good morning. How are you coping?

David Walliams (DW): I’m good! I’m just keeping myself busy writing.

DoC: Has your son inherited your talent for writing?

DW: He’s coming up with ideas for stories all the time.. I mean, they come thick and fast. So he’s really into that and really into stories! He tends to choose other writers rather than me…

[DoC laughs]

DW: So we are going to talk about the Commonwealth essay writing competition. Brilliant theme this year, which is the environment.

DoC: You can tell it by poetry, you can write an essay, you can write a story.

DW: Really be as imaginative as you can. There’s millions of children who could potentially enter this competition. They have got a chance, haven’t they, until June to submit their stories online at the Royal Commonwealth Society website.

DoC: I actually launched it in New Zealand this year… well it wasn’t this year - gosh I’ve lost track of time! It was last year. The year before I launched it in Ghana and it’s very interesting the response I’ve had. The entries, after I was able to say something about it - they doubled! So that was very exciting. I hope this year they might treble and quadruple!

DW: Well it’s never a better time, I think, to be writing or reading than this time. And I find, personally, that when I do creative work, it passes the time beautifully.

DoC: We just want lots and lots and lots of these aspiring young writers to enter because, as you said before, some of their stories really are verging on brilliant.

DW: They’re brilliant! And I know that this theme is really going to get them going, so I can’t wait to read the entries.