The 2011-2012 accounts for The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation (PWCF) show that is has been another strong year for the PCF with charitable spend up from £5.5m to £6.7m. 

The accounts also confirm that the £20 million loan taken out in 2007 to support the purchase of Dumfries House has been paid off and that the PWCF continues to maintain strong reserves despite the difficult economic climate.

The past year saw record donations to the PWCF from trading activities. Duchy Originals from Waitrose continues to thrive with a record donation of almost £3 million for the PWCF charities in its second full year of trading following the successful re-launch of The Prince of Wales’s organic food business.

Duchy Originals was founded by The Prince of Wales in 1990 with an aim that every product “is good, does good and tastes good”. Duchy Originals and Waitrose believe in the value of organic food, grown and produced sustainably. Since its inception, it has donated more than £10 million to charity.

A. G. Carrick has almost doubled its contribution to the PWCF from £312,000 to £618,000 over the last year as a result of a successful 12 months for the Highgrove shops and the Highgrove garden tours.

The 2011-2012 financial accounts listed below are being published by Companies House. 

The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation

The Duchy Originals Ltd

A. G. Carrick Ltd

The Prince’s Charities Events Ltd

Dumfries Farming and Land Ltd

Dumfries Estate (Orchardton) Ltd

Golden Jubilee Events Ltd

PCF Social Enterprises Ltd

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