On Sunday 25th September the Sunday Telegraph ran a story about AG Carrick’s accounts which Clarence House felt misrepresented the facts.

The newspaper subsequently agreed to run the following letter from Paddy Harverson in order to allow us to put the record straight:

“Dear Sir,

In response to Mandrake’s article (“Charles’s company fails to show art of charity giving”, September 25th), I would like to make clear that, until this year, all the substantial costs borne by AG Carrick of putting on public tours of The Prince of Wales’s garden at Highgrove staff wages, catering for more than 30,000 visitors and the guides’ expenses were paid for out of the profits of the Highgrove shop.

This was in order that all the donations made by visitors to the garden could go directly to The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation. With the profits of AG Carrick meeting all the costs of the Highgrove shops, as well as the costs of the garden tours, the company made no profit, or very little.

During the last two years, more than half a million pounds was earned for charity through garden tour donations.

I should also make clear that neither Leslie Ferrar nor Michael Fawcett received any of the £74,524 which AG Carrick paid to its directors last year.

Yours sincerely,

Paddy Harverson, Communications Secretary to The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall