The Prince of Wales speaks to business and finance leaders during the 2019 A4S Summit at St James's Palace

On Thursday 12th December, The Prince of Wales attended the annual Accounting for Sustainability (A4S) Summit at St James’s Palace in London. His Royal Highness addressed the assembled attendees, which included global leaders in business, finance and accounting, highlighting the sector’s successes over the past year and urging continued action in the future.

“As the world finally begins to awaken to the sustainability movement, calls are increasing for a new kind of market – a sustainable market – one that is inclusive, equitable, green and profitable and where sustainable principles drive growth. Sustainable markets generate long-term value through the balance of natural, social, human and financial capital,” His Royal Highness.

The Prince of Wales established A4S in 2004 with the aim of making sustainable decision making business as usual, shifting the focus of our economy’s financial and accounting systems away from short term financial outcomes and onto the health and stability of communities and the natural environment.

The A4S Summit brings together key stakeholders from the sector to explore the key trends affecting the world and discuss the role of the finance and accounting community in scaling up action in response.

Concluding his address, The Prince of Wales, who has been highlighting the damaging wffects of climate change for several decades, said, “All these young people are expecting it, wanting it, they get more and more frustrated and desperate. So, it would be nice to recognise that, it seems to me, finally that we owe it to them not to leave them and bequeath them with a totally poisoned and destroyed world which we’re busily, at the moment, about to do. So, it is only through concerted action that we will prevail.”