The Prince of Wales meets scientists working to reduce single use plastic

The Prince of Wales today toured Polymateria’s laboratories and met a team of scientists who have been working on biodegradable technology for single use plastic.

His Royal Highness visited Imperial College’s White City Incubator in London, where British business Polymateria is based, to learn how the company is developing innovative “biotransformation” technology that can alter the properties of plastic to make it biodegradable. This would allow discarded plastic products and packaging to break down naturally over time, rather than polluting the environment.

The Prince met Polymateria staff and other innovative startup companies based at the hub. 

After unveiling a plaque to mark the Royal visit, The Prince of Wales said: 

I'm thrilled to have the chance to come and see what is happening here in this remarkable place. I can only hope and pray that you can help develop even more clever ways of removing all this deadly waste and the complex issues around it but, if I may say so, I'm very happy to unveil this plaque as long as you really feel the need for another plaque. I hope the company, and all the others that are working so hard to find realistic solutions to the problems we face, have great success.


Over the years The Prince of Wales has launched different sustainability initiatives aimed at delivering practical outcomes.

In 2017, His Royal Highness said:

One critical part, as I see it, of the transition towards a circular economy, particularly in relation to plastics, is that of innovation and the need to re-think the way we design products. This would entail moving from a model that encourages a buy, use, throw-away mentality, to one that facilitates re-use, recovery and regeneration.