The Prince of Wales meeting students at Jesus College, Oxford University

The Prince of Wales visited the University of Oxford today.

At Jesus College, His Royal Highness met primary school children from South Wales visiting for the day celebrating the college’s close links to Wales. The pupils gave The Prince daffodils as a belated St. David’s Day present.  

The Prince receiving daffodils from primary school children


Today the college continues to maintain strong links with Wales and has appointed their sixth Chair of Celtic, Dr David Willis, a professorship to support the scholarship and preservation of Celtic languages, literature and history.

During the visit The Prince met college alumni and heard the college choir perform a Welsh prayer, before viewing The Red Book of Hergest, a medieval manuscript on special display for the visit.

The Prince viewing a medieval manuscript


Later His Royal Highness visited Kellogg College to hear about the progress being made on a new Global Centre on Healthcare and Urbanisation (GCHU), in partnership with The Prince’s Foundation.

HRH at a meeting with Kellogg College and the Prince's Foundation


The centre has been established to foster a better understanding of the interaction between these two disciplines (healthcare and urbanisation) to make urban centres environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable, and to provide an environment that supports and sustains health and wellbeing.

The Prince also received the Bynum Tudor Fellowship, the highest award Kellogg College gives, in recognition of His Royal Highness’s contribution to the field of sustainable urban development over the last 30 years.

HRH receiving the Bynum Tudor Fellowship


Speaking about the award he said:

I must say, I am enormously touched and flattered that you should have decided to present me with the Bynum Tudor Fellowship and, therefore, to be joining so many distinguished recipients.  It has also been a very special pleasure to have had the opportunity to speak rapidly to alumni, students, staff and those involved in current Kellogg initiatives.  It is clear I think that since the College was founded three decades ago it has picked up significant momentum and, indeed, scale, empowering so many students to make positive changes in the world.

The full speech can be read here.

HRH meeting Kellogg students.