The Prince’s Natural House is our answer to sustainable eco living.

The house was constructed at the Building Research Establishment (BRE), in collaboration with Natural Building Technologies and Kingerlee Homes, and is part of a series of Prince’s Houses.

Having been presented as a show home at the Ideal Home Show 2011 and 2012, attended by HRH The Prince of Wales, The Prince’s Natural House received much public critical acclaim.

Natural House


The full-scale version of The Prince’s Natural House, situated at the BRE, has received the same reception from members of the industry and the public.

The Prince’s Natural House offers a prime example of how we can live in a traditionally built low carbon home built from natural materials; its pioneering design is our very own answer to eco living.The house uses timeless principles of the thermal mass, passive ventilation and natural insulation to create a low carbon, healthy and attractive alternative to the high-tech solutions favoured by most architects. The walls are composed of a simple solid clay block structure containing small pockets of air; some even laid by The Prince of Wales himself!

Our primary aim in promoting this long-term project is to show that it is very easy to make consumer choices that lead to lower impact and more naturally healthy homes. With current economic concerns, huge bills are a real driving factor for people when making decisions about their homes but other factors, such as health may go ignored.

Following an overwhelmingly positive response to The Prince’s Natural House we have successfully managed to work with our partners from the Ideal Home Show, Media 10, and The Dorchester Group to make the house available to everyone for the first time. Our commitment to making The Prince’s Natural House an exemplar healthy home has gone even further with our opening of the Natural Garden.

Following our belief that green space is essential for healthy urban spaces we have created a garden full of seasonal, edible and beautiful plants. The garden was officially opened earlier this year by our ambassador Diarmuid Gavin.

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