Royal Visit to Germany: Munich

Day 4:

Today, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall ended a four-day visit to Germany with engagements in Munich. 

To begin the day, The Duchess visited IMMA, an association which provides counselling for victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence and trauma. Her Royal Highness was introduced to a small group of girls and young women, who were preparing canapés for a reception. IMMA operates a women’s shelter and provides live-in accommodation groups giving ongoing support. One of the live-in groups specialises in vulnerable female refugees and is the first of its kind in Bavaria. During the visit, The Duchess had the opportunity to meet some young women, and their counsellors, to hear about their experiences and how IMMA is helping them.

Following this, Their Royal Highnesses visited an Herrmannsdorfer Organic Farm. On a tour of the farm’s facilities, The Prince of Wales saw bee hives and heard about organic bee farming practices and how honey and wax is produced on the farm. Next, His Royal Highness saw the cohabitation space for chickens, cows and sheep. Meanwhile, The Duchess met children from the farm’s kindergarten during a pretzel-making workshop. 

In the afternoon, Their Royal Highnesses departed for the UK