Gareth Davies - Lead Teacher for Gifted and Talented Students, English Department

Case Study


What the PTI has allowed me to do, more than anything else, is keep the precious heart of my subject safe and close under that tawdry suit of administrative drudgery.

Listening to Professor Helen Cooper from Cambridge University speak about Chaucer at the PTI Summer School in 2007, I was inspired to introduce the teaching of Chaucer to my Year 7s (11 and 12 year olds).

I subsequently worked with Professor Cooper to devise a way to introduce young people to the Canterbury Tales.

At Sawtry, we have established an online reading group called ‘The Library of BabbleOn’. Opportunities to embed the use of this online resource have been written into the Year 8 programme of study by including a library-based reading lesson every week, where the students are encouraged to adopt a more challenging and broader reading diet.

The English Department also runs a very active extra-curricular Drama Club. Our first full production, Little Shop of Horrors, was produced successfully in May 2011, with collaborative support from the Art and Music Departments.

The quality of learning cannot exceed the quality of the teaching. The PTI, simply and uniquely, helps us become the teachers we want to be.

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