Sami Razvi Teacher, Mathematics Department

Case Study


Mathematics is an abstract subject, important aspects of which are removed from pupils’ everyday experience.

It can be very tempting to maximise performance in the national performance tables, by emphasising a ‘teaching to the test’ approach to the learning of Mathematics.

But this can inhibit the students from any deeply meaningful, intrinsic engagement with the subject.

Our team at Small Heath is focused on seeking to help pupils open up their futures with a genuine love for the subject, developing their imaginations so as to enjoy playing in the universe of numbers.

Ever since becoming a teacher, I have been driven to make learning enduring and joyful; and I am thrilled that this approach is at the core of the philosophy of The Prince’s Teaching Institute.

Further to PTI inspiration the Small Heath Maths Department has organised ‘Maths Walks’ at Birmingham Airport for Year 7 students. On these walks they learn about how maths is essential in the context of foreign currency exchange and airplane navigation. We have also sent all teachers in the Department on Maths CPD days to improve subject knowledge and teaching in the classroom.

As Small Heath is a co-ed 11-18 comprehensive school, it is vital the staff are equipped with the skills to teach children of all abilities.

We must have organisations like the PTI to help establish teaching as the imperative profession it is, for the sake of society and the future of the nation.

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