Although I have only been here a short time, it is already clear to me why these islands are known, the world over, as the Happy Isles. 

Good afternoon all gether. Me hapi tumas fo visitim ples blong ufala. Queen belong you me askim me for passim warm greetings and how hem tingim youfala olowe.

Good afternoon everyone. I’m delighted to be here in the Solomon Islands. The Queen asked me to convey to me her warmest greetings and to say how much you are all in her thoughts. 

Queen belong you me and Duke belong Edinburgh talem me staka good memories belong olgeta taim olgeta visitim this Islands.  Same withim pikinini belong me, Prince William, and wife belong hem, taim olgeta come lo here 7 years go finish. You fala olowe welcome family belong me and mefala think high lo datfala special bond withim youfala. 

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh have often told me of the happy memories they have of their visits to these islands, as have my son Prince William and his wife following their visit here seven years ago. You have always made my family so welcome here and the special bond we enjoy with you means so much to us all.

Thankyou too mas for kam today. And thankyou too mas for welcomim me.

Thank you for being here today and thank you for welcoming me.

Olgeta meri and man, nomata me stap no long time nomoa, hem barava clear tumas why staka people lo world look save thisfala Island hem wanfala happy Island. Me lukluk followim olgeta heavy wea youfala kasem lo tension, Hem givim bigfala happy lo me how olgeta past heavy hem finish for me save celebrate withim youfala peace wea Solomon Islands save enjoyim.

Although I have only been here a short time, it is already clear to me why these islands are known, the world over, as the Happy Isles.  Having followed so closely the challenges you endured here during the difficult period of the tensions, it has given me such joy to see for myself how firmly those difficulties are in the past, and to be able to celebrate with you the peace the Solomon Islands now enjoy.

Me barava seke tumas lo how beauty belong this fala Islands and sea wea roundim olgeta Islands ya. Me lookim importance belong natural Environment lo country, for properity and security belong you fala. Sorry tumas how environment belong you fala olsem everywhere lo world hem threatend by Climate change, global warming, pollution, unsustainable logging, overfishing and staka different heavy. Sapos you fala keepim good olgeta natural Heritage belong you fala, bai olgeta pikinini and grand pikinini belong you falasave benefit lo hem. So must duim samting this time.

I have been so greatly struck by the beauty of these islands, and the seas around them, and by just how crucial your natural environment is to your prosperity and your security.  Sadly, your environment, as elsewhere in the world, is threatened by climate change, global warming, pollution, unsustainable logging, over-fishing, and many other challenges.  If your remarkable natural heritage is to be preserved for the benefit of your children and your grandchildren, we must act now. 

Hem na reason why today me barava happy tumas for stap lo thisfala launch belong Solomon Islands Government New Oceans Policy, wea me hope bai securem marine ecosystems wea surroundim this fala Islands lo future and bringim wealth, health and well- being lo olgeta generation wea followim you me.

That is why I am delighted to be present for this launch of the Solomon Islands Government’s new Oceans Policy which will, I hope, ensure that the marine ecosystems that surround these islands might be secured for the future, and bring wealth, health and well-being to the generations that follow us.

Nomata stap belong me hem no long, bai me takem back olgeta special  memories belong time belong me lo here and olgeta samting wea mekem Island ya special.  Olgeta precious natural environment and olgeta good fala people. Me hope for come back again for lookim youfala everyone. Me pray for God's blessing lo Solomon Islands - from Shore to Shore - and God blessim you fala everyone.

Although my visit here has been too short I will take with me such warm memories of my time here and of everything that makes these islands so special: your precious natural environment and your wonderful people.  I hope to come back and see you all again before too long. I pray for gods blessing on the Solomon Islands - from shore to shore - and may god bless all of you. 

Tagio tumas

Thank you very much.