Your Majesty I'm so enormously touched and flattered to be invited to join you here today to learn about the vitally important dialogue that you have been pursuing under Prince Ghazi’s wise leadership.

This initiative comes at a time when the situation in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere could not be more desperate.  I do not need to tell you of course the horrors that have been inflicted in the name of religion. 
All those who have any feeling have watched in agony as people of all faiths have been persecuted, and driven from their homes, tortured and killed in the most barbaric way imaginable. 
And amidst this seemingly endless suffering, it is all too easy for some to interpret what has happened as a 'clash of faiths', a sign of the irreconcilable differences between different faith communities.
Well to do so could not be more wrong. 
Prince Ghazi has written far more eloquently than I could ever hope to achieve about the 'Common Word' that binds Christianity and Islam together in a dialogue of love, compassion and mercy.
These shared values have helped communities live alongside one another in harmony for literally hundreds of years.  And, despite the best efforts of those who seek to destroy all that people of all faiths hold sacred, I have every confidence that compassion and mercy will ultimately overcome evil.
And if I may so I have long admired the way in which His Majesty has worked so incredibly hard to find practical ways to show compassion and mercy to those of other faiths. 
Yesterday evening for instance I met a group of Iraqi Christians who have experienced His Majesty’s immense compassion first-hand.  Indeed when visiting a refugee camp this morning they expressed huge appreciation for your majesty's kindness.
People driven from their homes by individuals who adhere to a perverted and brutal misinterpretation of Islam, these Christians I met yesterday have found sanctuary in Amman thanks to His Majesty’s generosity. 
I want if I may just to pay tribute as well, to the generosity of the people of Jordan how characteristic that they have given a safe haven to those feeling violence and persecution. Such generosity gives me hope for the future. 
I am also encouraged by today’s dialogue, which brings together so many remarkable minds from different faiths. 
I have every possible confidence that your dialogue will help remind the world that the sum of our shared values is far greater at the end of the day than our differences. 
It is my earnest hope, too, that such discussions might help to find a way to heal the pain that has been wrought by those who have done so much harm. 
I begin cannot begin to tell you how important I believe your discussions will be in the months and years ahead. For what it is worth I can only say my thoughts and prayers will be with you all.