Ladies and Gentlemen I am so glad to have this chance of returning to Jordan after two years absence and to meet so many people I've met before. I've been particularly keen to see what has happened in those two years since His Majesty the King and I signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the King Abdullah Fund and my charities.

To be able to attend this event is a particular pleasure and if I may say so I am so impressed by Zinc and by the range of activities that have been organised here today. Let alone to witness and experience the huge  enthusiasm of the young people for the skills they have been learning.

I do appreciate how important this kind of opportunity is for Jordan. All countries are facing a huge challenge of how to generate jobs for the next generation of graduates and school-leavers. Many young people, certainly through my experiences through The Prince's Trust after 40 years next year, are actually natural entrepreneurs. But they need help to give them the confidence to set up a business, get investment, grow their company and employ more people.

They also need to ensure that they have the soft skills that business is looking for like team-building, leadership and communicating.

 Supporting Jordan’s efforts towards economic reform is the reason why  two of my charities have participated in this event. I am particularly happy that Prince’s Trust International, the new overseas arm of one of my most successful charities, is signing an agreement with the King Abdullah Fund for Development, the Business Development Center and INJAZ to launch The Prince’s Trust ‘Get Into’ programme here in Jordan. This programme will work with business to help young people find jobs in specific sectors.

I am also so pleased that Mosaic will hold their International Leadership Programme in Jordan this year. This programme, very kindly established as a present for me on my 60th birthday, brings together potential leaders from the region and develops their skills in innovative ways. It inspires them to think about global issues and equips them to get involved in their local communities.  This builds upon Mosaic's long-standing work in Jordan, notably the Enterprise Challenge it delivers in partnership with INJAZ to inspire school students' interest in entrepreneurship.

 These two initiatives fit alongside the projects that the British Embassy has been implementing to boost young people’s employment potential and encourage economic reform.

 I hope you feel, as I do, that all these efforts demonstrate very clearly the extraordinary depth and strength of Britain’s relationship with Jordan. You are living in a difficult region. As a close friend of Jordan we stand alongside you to support your security, stability and prosperity.

 I wish all the young people here today the very best success in the future which I shall watch with growing interest as I get older and older.