Ladies and Gentlemen, before we go can I just say, as Patron, nothing gives me greater pleasure than to join you here on this particular occasion. I remember coming 10 years ago now and hearing about Wilton's before and I'm afraid I'm rather a sucker to these sorts of projects.

Apart from anything else I'm also somebody who finds it irresistible as far as the theatre is concerned. It seems to me we have to give every opportunity to the acting profession that you possibly can, so it was a great treat this morning to have the Simon Callow Breakfast Show and to be treated to those very special acts and if I may say so to find a father and son combination of Barry and Bob Cryer is also very special, my grandmother would of loved the 'stand up, sit down' routine. Then having discovered Rory Bremner standing just now in the audience, I thought I'd got away with it rather lightly.

So ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a very special morning and I'm thrilled to have had a chance to meet some of the people who have been involved in putting all of this back together again. I know how difficult these projects can be and the frustrations of trying to find the money and everything else but having met all those generous funders today who have given such fantastic support, it just shows how vital all these trusts and marvellous people are, so many of the same are actually supporting many of these projects around the country and we would not have these very special places. So thank you to all those who have given so much support and to all those who put all their effort and devotion into keeping this place going and making such a difference to the local area.

Many congratulations to all of you and long may Wilton's continue.