Ladies and Gentlemen, I hate to get you back into your seats again, but I had to say before I go that it has been a very special afternoon and I have been particularly touched by those kind words.

I also wanted to say that for I don't know how many years I have been coming to various events here like the Royal Variety performance and sitting in that box! It's rather a dangerous position, as I remember on one occasion somebody on the stage managed to get a ladder on to it! It was rather tempting just to give it a tiny push...So it's taken me forty years to get on the stage!

That was one thing; the other thing is what would we do without Dant and Ec? I mean Ant and Dec…  They are such wonderful and loyal supporters, it's five or six years that they have been coming to this which is unbelievable! And some of you may have seen this very successful film about my Prince's Trust, and again I was very grateful for them doing that. In fact, I thought a subsidiary title should have been 'I'm a member of the Royal Family, get me out of here!' It was great fun. When I think that they were born at the time when I started the Trust, it makes me feel even older.

I'm only as good as all the people who do all the marvellous things around the country; the fantastic staff, and all our young ambassadors and celebrity ambassadors and so many others. I have said year after year just how proud I am of those young ambassadors and how they have totally changed their lives and now are doing all sorts of wonderful things. Of course, finally, we could not do any of this without the sponsors and all the generosity of so many organisations, people, businesses, banks, you name it, who are incredibly helpful and generous. In fact, Samsung have been here now five or six years, and sponsoring it there's Natwest, HSBC and all these wonderful companies who keep coming back. These are the people who really help to keep the show on the road, and as long as I have got a few marbles left I shall do my best to go on investing in the future of this.