It is such a great joy to be with you this evening in these particular surroundings particularly with my Mehabooba here, who has merrily booba'ed her way here this evening with her constantly meddlesome Mehaboob!

Ladies and gentlemen, I must say I am always slightly worried on these occasions that I find myself addressing all the same people that I have addressed for the last five years. All I can say it is a huge pleasure to see quite so many of you here this evening supporting my Trust. It really is incredibly good of you when I know you have got so many other demands on your time.

The Holocaust is an unparalleled human tragedy and an act of evil unique in history and it is for these reasons that we must always remember it and honour its Jewish victims and the Nazis' other victims.

Ladies and gentlemen I am incredibly grateful to Paul Polman for his incredibly kind words this evening. But I don’t think I can possibly add anything to what he said just now!

Secretary of State, Ministers, Dr. Robinson, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for coming from far and wide and for sparing your valuable time for this meeting on forests, climate change and development at the outset of this vital year of 2015.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am most grateful and deeply touched by your generous gesture in giving me this award. Ahimsa is clearly a sacred principle which we should all try to follow as a matter of course, but if I have earned it at all, I can only imagine it may be something to do with my inadequate efforts to help curb the harm we do to the one and only precious Earth that sustains us all.

Well, Ladies and gentlemen I hope you agree that we have been given an enormous treat this evening by not only the orchestra of The Royal College of Music but all three remarkable singers from Australia.

I must say I am incredibly proud of what my younger son has achieved with the Invictus Games and the boost they have given to the morale and self-confidence of so many wounded and injured military personnel.  And of course, at the end of the day, Britain won!

As I have said before, it seems to me that all faiths to some extent shine a light on the divine image in every human life. 

All of you here can, I am sure, make this happen and I will look forward to hearing of the future success of all the work that is being done to provide industry with the talent it requires and to provide young people with the fulfilling careers they need at the end of the day.