Madam President, I am enormously grateful to you for your very kind words on such a special occasion and I'm so grateful to you for arranging such a special dinner this evening.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hate to get you back into your seats again, but I had to say before I go that it has been a very special afternoon and I have been particularly touched by those kind words.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a remarkable institution here, the Harrogate International Festival. So I must just say on this occasion how enormously proud I am to have been associated over the last several years with this, it has become a national treasure really I think.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I wasn't expecting to say anything, but for me it is the greatest possible pleasure to come back to this part of the world where I know you have been through so many difficult times.

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished members of the University and fellow graduates, I can’t tell you how touched I am that the University of Southampton should have considered doing me this very great honour.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My darling Mehabooba and I are so pleased to be with you this evening amongst the other exhibits in this hall!

Ladies and Gentlemen, before we go can I just say, as Patron, nothing gives me greater pleasure than to join you here on this particular occasion. I remember coming 10 years ago now and hearing about Wilton's before and I'm afraid I'm rather a sucker to these sorts of projects.

I couldn’t be more pleased, I must say, to be here this evening for your fortieth anniversary and I’m very, very touched that you have felt like asking me back again after your thirtieth anniversary.

Can I just say, I cannot remember how many years ago it is that I met the former, eminent Member of Parliament for this part of the world, Burslem. Anyway, I remember she advanced on me determinedly and said "when are you going to come and help Burslem!".