For me, Hillsborough has always been a special place: a place whose many stories reflect the complex history of this island. Thanks to the fine restoration work that we are marking today, future generations will have the chance to hear and experience these stories for themselves in restored and re-presented surroundings.  It is my particular hope that, as they do so, they will come to a renewed understanding of our past and a renewed resolve for our future.

As you take forward this vital work, I can only encourage you to be ever bolder and to support interventions and activities that take full recognition of each individual’s hopes, beliefs, interests and abilities, as well as their mind, body and spirit, as part of an integrated approach to health and well-being. 

For that to happen as many people as possible, across all cultures and languages, must understand the natural world and our place within it. We are Nature ourselves. “Our Planet” will be a critical part of that process and I hope and pray that it will catalyse an enduring determination to cherish and protect the Earth, “Our” only home.

St. Kitts and Nevis is a much-valued member of our Commonwealth family of nations, as we celebrate the Commonwealth’s seventieth birthday this year — as we celebrate it this year, it seems to me that this family of nations remains as vital today as it has ever been – bringing us together to address some of the most urgent issues facing us all.

Ladies and gentlemen, my family has long enjoyed a particularly close association with these beautiful islands, and so it gives us such pleasure that we should be able to visit you and to bring with us The Queen’s warmest greetings.

The influence and leadership of Barbados is felt particularly keenly in the Commonwealth, which binds together 2.4 billion of us, across fifty-three countries on six continents, united by our shared experience and shared values

This is a strong society, I know, and one which places special emphasis on family and community. As you celebrate, this year, everything that St. Lucia has achieved over these four decades of her Independence, I know that you also take pride in committing yourselves to building the strongest, brightest future for this country.

Following your famous victory and a brilliant performance, I just wanted to congratulate all the team on your marvellous Grand Slam success. Please pass on my warmest wishes to all involved in this tremendous achievement, which made me extremely proud of Wales.
Cymru am byth!

So all I can say Ladies and Gentlemen is watch this space and I very much hope that we can go on making an even more important contribution to the lives of young people, to investing in their future and our future in this country. And you can imagine it moves me greatly to see the difference that could be made to them.

It’s a matter of enormous pride to hear the difference, to hear the fact that their lives have been turned around by The Trust and by all the wonderful people we have in The Trust, who dedicate so much of their lives to taking care of these young people, to working with them. As you can imagine, helping them to overcome the enormous difficulties and challenges they have had in their lives, and to give them that sense of self-confidence and self-esteem, which of course is really why I started the main Trust all those years ago, 43 years ago!