Member(s) of the Royal Family

I pray that this Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting will not only revitalize the bonds between our countries, but will also give the Commonwealth a renewed relevance to all citizens, finding practical solutions to their problems and giving life to their aspirations. 

Not long ago I was fortunate enough to spend time with some of the bravest women I have been privileged to meet. Their experiences not only touched their lives but also the lives of those around them, in the most tragic ways.

H.S. Blue's exceptional contribution to the full spectrum of operations throughout 2017 has distinguished you from amongst the other fine units of the Royal Australian Navy.

On this special occasion, I bring you Her Majesty The Queen’s and Prince Phillip’s warmest greetings. For my part, it was so very important to me that I should come here myself to offer you my kindest wishes and to say how much I have felt for you over the terrible trials and tribulations you have endured

I am deeply touched by the generous welcome shown to me today and by the very great honour you have bestowed on me in granting me the chiefly title of Mal Menaringmanu.

Over the years I have met so many remarkable Australians doing the most extraordinary things in every imaginable corner of the globe.

It now gives me the greatest pleasure to declare the 21st Commonwealth Games open.

To me, it is something of a triumph that this traditional land use continues to this day, even in the face of severe social, economic and environmental pressures.

Can I congratulate all of you who are getting your degrees today. The one advantage you have over me is that you don’t have to make a speech – but I do know that you have put in years of hard work.