Member(s) of the Royal Family

A wise business will certainly be clever and able. But it will also take a broader, more holistic, view of what is really involved in creating wealth and long-term value.

No-one in their right mind would resist a technology which could solve the world's food shortages if that was the only way forward. But where people are starving, lack of food is rarely the underlying cause. It is more likely to be lack of money to buy food, distribution problems or geo-political issues.

A bird of unsurpassed grace and beauty, living its entire life in the wildest and most remote oceans, and without economic value, seems an unlikely candidate for extinction at the hand of man, in this or any other century.

In 1997 the Foundation for Integrated Medicine, of which I am the president and founder, identified research and development based on rigorous scientific evidence as one of the keys to the medical establishment's acceptance of non-conventional approaches.

Medicine, of course, is truly international. New discoveries contributing to improvements in patient care have resulted from international collaborative research and development programmes.

Most of us, if we think about it, know someone who has had bowel cancer or died from it. Through my work with Macmillan Cancer Relief and Marie Curie Cancer Care, I have met countless people afflicted with bowel cancer.

Reading down the entry list I see homoeopaths, osteopaths, reflexologists, acupuncturists, T'ai chi instructors, art therapists, chiropractors, herbalists, aromatherapists, working all over the country alongside NHS colleagues in acute hospitals, on children's wards, in nursing homes, in primary healthcare.

Architecture, of course, occupies a unique place in our sensibilities. Unlike other artistic endeavours, it is totally public in its manifestations. Whether consciously or not, buildings and the places that they form stand as reflections of the values of our society.

President, Chairman, it gives me the greatest possible pleasure to be back at The Royal Welsh Show for the second year in a row. I happen to think that this agricultural show is one of the jolliest, and I know that it is also one of the most successful, not only in the United Kingdom, but world-wide.

In the first decade of my Business Leaders Forum, increasing numbers of Chief Executives have demonstrated that they have hearts as well as heads, social consciences as highly developed as their business instincts, and the capacity to look far beyond the next year's financial results.