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I happen to feel deeply concerned about the plight that many of these smaller livestock farmers, in particular, are having to endure.

'Men come together to live. They remain together in cities to enjoy the good life.' Aristotle was right more than 2,000 years ago - and the centuries have not eroded his wisdom.

I created my Prince's Trust to help disadvantaged young people regardless of colour, but ethnic minorities are one of its priorities.

The fundamental difference between traditional and genetically modified plant breeding is that, in the latter, genetic material from one species of plant, bacteria, virus, animal or fish is literally inserted into another species, with which they could never naturally breed. The use of these techniques raises, it seems to me, crucial ethical and practical considerations.

'From inability to leave well alone;

From too much zeal for what is new and contempt for what is old;

From putting knowledge before wisdom, science before art, cleverness before common sense;

From treating patients as cases;

From making the cure of a disease more grievous than its endurance;

Good Lord, deliver us.'

I have been involved in the Community Enterprise Awards for 11 years. Often striving against huge odds, community entrepreneurs provide hope, vision, services and opportunities for local people.

Encouraging achievement and developing hidden talent has been at the heart of what I have been trying to do for so much of my life.

Many of the original and, at the time, unorthodox ideas have since become accepted parts of corporate wisdom - such as building partnerships between the public and private sectors, backing community entrepreneurs and encouraging companies to devote a percentage of pre-tax profits towards community investment.

So it would appear that we have reached a defining moment in our attitude towards healthcare in this country among both the public and health professionals.

For me, the most heartening finding of the work so far has been the very wide measure of agreement between orthodox and complementary practitioners on the need for this to succeed.