Member(s) of the Royal Family

At the very worst of times, we saw the very best of Australia – and knowing the Aussies, as I do after fifty-four years, that makes me very proud.

For many young people, transitioning from education into work can be a really anxious time. The longer this spell of uncertainty and unemployment lasts, the more intense anxiety this can cause young people. That is why it is my Trust’s mission, at the end of the day, to help young people into sustainable employment; so they can build positive futures for themselves and of course for their communities.

With Water being so utterly essential to life, it is clearly vital that we recognize the link between Water and Climate Change.  I am, therefore, very much looking forward to discussing all these issues with you this morning and what needs to be done to tackle the overwhelming challenges we face.

Through my work, I have talked to many women who have lived with coercive control and domestic violence and, thankfully, come out at the other end as the victors not the victims. They are some of the bravest people I have ever met.  Their stories are harrowing and have reduced even the toughest of their listeners to tears.  That is why it is so vital that these survivors should no longer feel any shame or any blame. 

The forces of rapid urbanization, climate change and natural resource depletion are so great that now is the time for different professions to combine together, with a clear focus and determination, to help solve these critical issues which will impact on the lives of millions of people for generations to come.

I read to my children and now my grandchildren, although nowadays they read to me! Books can take you anywhere (a bit like stepping into your very own Tardis). 

Seventy-five years later, I am proud and humbled to be able to pay my deepest respects to the Veterans and survivors of what must have seemed an interminable and terrible campaign.

There simply aren’t enough trees available at present; when pests and diseases are causing major losses of biodiversity, and when we are increasingly aware of the contribution that plants make to our quality of life, and can now make to a circular bioeconomy, we simply have to be more cautious, more vigilant and more demanding, very demanding, in tackling this major environmental risk.

I hope the centre will continue to inspire the next generation of automotive designers, engineers and researchers to innovate through collaborative research projects with manufacturers, suppliers and of course with academia. 

I visited SafeLives for the first time in 2016 and, as I have said on numerous occasions, that memorable day fired my interest in domestic abuse. I did know of people who had suffered from it, but I was both shocked, and horrified by just how many thousands of people across the world live with it.