Member(s) of the Royal Family

Whatever our vision for the future of rural Wales might be, I would argue strongly that the smaller farm needs to be at the very heart of it.

I believe wholeheartedly that the links between these two worlds matter more today than ever before, because the degree of misunderstanding between the Islamic and Western worlds remains dangerously high, and because the need for the two to live and work together in our increasingly interdependent world has never been greater.

Children, it seems, were not designed to live in tower blocks. And we now know that the design of tower blocks does not, on the whole, work for children.

When it comes to holidaymakers or leisure users, there are some very interesting trends which show a steady increase in people specifically seeking out a different sort of holiday in terms of eco-tourism, more activity-based holidays, or people simply looking for some kind of commitment from a hotel or airline.

It is often said that people's capacity to respond to these threats to our security is so severely constrained that nothing much will happen until ecological catastrophe actually strikes

Education in America has never looked back - and has remained a matter of the greatest possible interest to British observers.

I have been delighted by the displays I have seen on the Edinburgh City bypass and I hear that there are plans for a 'floral gateway' to Edinburgh on the proposed scheme dualling the A1 to the east of the city.

The present recession of course is causing pain and difficulty throughout the community, and has affected the highly skilled almost as much as those without qualifications. It has been particularly demoralising I am sure for those who have raised their sights and been successful in Further and Higher Education, only to find that employment opportunities are still depressingly scarce.

For some reason this evening, I feel a little bit older than I actually am and also deeply honoured and extremely touched that any of you should even consider electing me, and I shan't ask whether it was unanimously or not, to the position of President of the British Medical Association. I can't thank you enough.

Economists have started (at long last!) to grapple with the concept of sustainability, to question the way in which our national accounts are assessed, in order to value our natural resources, and to contemplate new market instruments to encourage changes in human behaviour.